• Call him and his comrades what they are; Communists, period!! Quit dancing around the word. A Communist is un-American, a Socialist, a fascist, and a Marxist. There is no difference, one is the other and the other is the same!!!! PLEASE don’t call them anything other than what they are; Communists!!!! God Bless America and “all” American Patriots!!

    • America is more than the sum of its parts... its sovereign states... America is a thought... an apparition in the mind of the hopeful and independent soul.  It is that ember of hope and aspiration to be all one can be in a free society where right is always right and wrong is clearly defined and known.  America is a light set high in the eye of the world... where liberty is prized above wealth and honor, above personal aggrandizement and the accumulation of power.  America is a vanishing idea, a disappearing dream, the victim of immoral and ungodly men and women, who have sold their birthright to satisfy their flesh with the opium of lies. 

  • China Joe Biden the "Shake Down " artist and "Habitual Lier ." It seems to me Joe goes out of his way to damage America every chance he gets.

    The SOB has taken America backwards in a little more then 130 days .  Truth be know Joe can never best President T rumps accomplishments not even if he served four terms as top Moron ,and  tool of the far left  .


  • These blatant anti-American actions by President Biden provides additional credible evidence of his unfitness to govern this nation. Based on his Executive Order revoking "Prevention of Online Censorship"; evedently it's OK with him that Editors at the Atlanta GA Journal Constitution and Thomasville Times Newspapers, refused to publish the following letter leading up to the Georgia US Senate Runoff Elections last January: "Stark and dreadful contrast between political parties dictates the Republican Party is by far the most trustworthy, capable, and committed to optimally govern this nation efficiently, effectively, and harmoniously. Under President Trumps’ leadership and campaign promise-keeping: a border wall is under construction for our security and safety; jobs, economic, and stock market growth soared to record levels according to National Bureaus of Statistics; standard tax deduction was increased by 50 percent; unfair trade agreements were either cancelled, renegotiated or replaced; United Nations and North Atlantic Treaty Organization members’ delinquent payments decreased; and he initiated and orchestrated historic signing of two Israeli-Arabic peace treaties. Meanwhile, Democrats harbor and coddle illegal immigrants; advocate against the border wall, but for open borders, whereby terrorists could enter unimpeded; all of which is detrimental to optimum security and safety essential to our wellbeing and quality of life. And it confirms their unmitigated willingness to place political agendas above that. A Democrat-packed investigation team found no evidence of a concocted Russian Conclusion claim against President Trump. The stated contrast dictates the criticality for both Georgia Senators to win the upcoming run-off election. Otherwise, dire consequences face this nation".

  • E.O.'s are supposed to facilitate the execution of already existing lawful laws.  I doubt this qualifies.

    • You're right on target Jea9!!! Executive Orders serve the same sole purpose as supplements to laws/regulations; which subordinate entities implement to make damn sure the parent law/regulation, including the United States Constitution is seemlessly and optimally adhered to.

    • Well, E.O.s are observed as a nessesary evil and do address issues like instantaneous emergency response ( for example atomic missile attack). But I find it difficult to accept as planned,  an actual Constitution-defined Executive ability in an unchecked Executive Order.

      Just describing it this way illustrates the glaring unlikelihood.

      I have read an arguement that the E.O is nessesary to break the gridlock of Congress, and accomplish what must be done.. Congress is intended to only be able to address what is absolutely needed anyway. Intrastate problems need, solving in and through, state means, for state benefit. But the impulsive itch to effect centralized immediate change is a collective Progressive Socialist one, and nessesarily injurious to our government, and the Nation as a whole. Just look what Woodrow Wilson did to us, given the chance!

  • What possible justification would Joe Biden have for revoking E.O. 13933 (Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues and Combating Recent Criminal Violence)? Or frankly any of those measures?

    A desire to facilitate civil disorder, increasing federal overreach regarding civil liberties, and compromising American interests, foreign and domestic?

    Colonel, I don't seek to antagonize, but you must clearly see why the 'Executive Order' idea must be extra-Constitutional. It has only inference, and no Constitutionally defined limitations. I cannot believe that the Founders (having been personally persecuted by the Crown) would fail to note or address such a blank check to executive authority, to be abused at whatever length the President deems desirable. The limits to brazenness are only bounded by personal reluctance, and Joe is senile!

    • The illegal use of ill-conceived EO's is unconstitutional... EO's may be used to clarify the President's views and requirements for the administration of the laws and regulations of the government.  EO's may not LEGALLY replace, expand, or nulify Federal Statutes or lawful regulations. EO's are tools to expedite and clarify a President's view and requirements for executing the law as written by Congress.  When used properly they are an effective tool for communicating and defining the administration of complex regulatory and statutory law.

    • Used properly, an oligarchy promises highly efficient benefit.

      It's that doggone human fraility that keeps cropping up like a whack-a-mole!

      Constitutionally define in definitional time and latitude limitation, such a device, and I am there. 

      But right now we suffer for the lack of protection from a Congressional indulgance afforded the Executive.

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