• When the systemic grossly evil Democratic Party's leadership heirchy fraudulently gained dominant political power during the 2020 general election, it cemented the validity of the title and subtitle of the book I began writing in 2011, i.e., "Plunging to Ruin - America in Crisis". The things that Scoundrel Joe Biden alone has already done, provides compelling evidence that this nation is in fact on the brink of ruin at a level not existing since the Civil War.

    • We are seeing a bell weather change, surely. But it may be driven by a number of factors. The Nations ruin or salvation, I say optimistically, is still in the Peoples hands, depending on what they do, and do not.

  • Marxism is a special brand of communism... while, fascism is simply the opposite side of the coin. Both forms of government are oppressive and dictatorial by nature. Neither, of these forms of government, are functional under our Constitution and our historic system of law, commerce, and culture.  The Union as we know it today has undergone a fundamental transformation and the US Constitution is no longer the supreme law of the land.  It is largely ignored or twisted when interpreted.

    The US Constitution is the fundamental authority and sanctioning power for administering the Union... The wholesale disregard of the Constitution's terms for establishing and governing the soverign States and People of the Union has been sorely breached and the governing law of our Constitution no longer exists as originally ratified by the soverign states.  Hence, every soverign state has the right to declare the breach unreconcilable and to secede,  exercising their 'plenary power' under the 9th and 10th Amendments of the Constitution. Whereby, a sovereign People and their States, retain every power not specifically granted to the Federal Government nor prohibited by the Constitution. Such powers are Constitutionally reserved for the States and the People respectively.

    The enumeration of certain federal powers shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the People... and their soverign states. It was these same plenary powers by which our Colonies exercised their God-given right to terminate their relationship with the British Empire to form new guards for their governance and well-being.  Too, argue otherwise ignores the fundamentals of our nation's foundation, as cited in the Declaration of Independence.

    There now exists clear cause for the People and their soverign states to enter into arbitration... with the Federal Government and the several States, in order to redress the breach in our Constitution and the overreach of the Federal Government to: 1) Negotiate a return to STRICT Constitutional Governance, with its limits on federal power ... or 2) Define the terms for the orderly dissolution and peaceful separation of the aggrieved parties from the Union and its Federal Government ... by all those State's unwilling to endure any further degradation of their soverign rights and plenary powers.

    • I see you enjoy the notion of Sovereign statehood. Its kinda volatile, but just might fill the coming power vacuum to tide the Republic over (otherwise, I figure NWO actors will rise to the occasion). We still have the long term resolution of devolving the federal government to a Constitutionally intended footprint.

      Marxist or Fascist, a collectivism by any other name, its stench is foul. IMHO

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    • Soverign Statehood is not a notion... it is the fundamental power that created the Constitution and our Republic.  Our Constitutional Republic is the product of the People's plenary power and consent to be governed. 

      The State receives its power from the consent of those governed and when it is withdrawn the State no longer operates under the Authority of the People.  Our Federal and State governments have forgotten or abandoned the notion of consent, and the PLENARY power of the People to self-government ... based on their God-given liberty and God's authority. Historically revolution results from the withdrawal of the People's consent to be governed... it is only a matter of time before the People throw off tyranny and despotic government.  Mankind will only endure hardships and tyranny until they conclude revolution is the lesser of evils.

      Remove God from the governing equation and the People lose their power... They become the subjects of despots... ungodly government. Our Constitution will only function properly when administered by a Godly and moral People.  Our problem is not the standards for the government, it is the administration of our government by the ungodly and immoral.

    • "Notion". An expression by me, not used as a diminution, though some do use it that way.

      Anyway, it beats secession of states advocacy in my book.

      That is a bridge too far, for here and now.

      Good to hear from you.

    • One doesn't need to secede to use the THREAT Of secession to compel the needed reform to return to Constitutional government... One must use every Constitutional means to leverage reform. The threat to use the Plenary Rights of a sovereign to secede from a governing compact is a God-given right not manmade.  It is a right well understood by our founders; the Declaration of Independence is an example of a Secession Declaration.  Wake up... the left will not balk at trashing the Constitution as soon as possible.  Threatening secession, while passing NULLIFICATION LEGISLATION designed to reign in federal power, should be two primary means for bringing about the needed reform in government...

      However, that takes a committed GOP/RNC to work... and the State GOP controlled governments to cooperate and coordinate their nullification, commandeering, and secession tactics.  The conservative patriot may yet prevail if we use all of our tools to force reform. Reform will not come thru legislation, the Courts, OR Elections... these venues for reform have all proven useless and corrupt.... they brought us to where we are... a failing state.  We must think outside the box to embrace new methods of action.

    • Well YEAH, the threat may bear fruit. 

      The problem with threats is that they prove useless, 

      unless the adversary believes in his imminent liability, from the threat.

      So ya gotta' be ready to make good if challenged.

      I see agreement in what you write, but the change will not be in the adversary, but in ourselves.

      Being resolved to be free, all that can be done to us, is to kill us. Our real foe does not like messy outcomes.

  • So, the 1st Amendment protections for individuals accessing PUBLIC  AIRWAVES and DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS are suspended, along with protecting public monuments from vandalism... Only the Marxist Democrat Party would promote such a ridiculous and UNLAWFUL EO... The USA has Statutory and Constitutional laws which guarantee freedom of speech in a public forum and the protection of public monuments from acts of vandalism.

  • Looks the the C.C.P. controls the now anyway. Way before THEIR FRAUD PUPPET USURPED POWER. Article 2,FRAUD,PEROD!...............This is a Maoist style revolution. DEEP INTO IT.......about 30yrs.on since I'VE NOTICED what they were up too!!!

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