• Well, yes; they can "bold-faced lie and keep a straight face doing it" - - -because they've lied so long, they believe their own lies!

  • Brain dead creep

  • They probably are - the ones in which the Democrats are in control. 

  • Ignorant 79 year old Insane Bastard Needs The Living Piss Stomped Right Out Of Him..!!!

  • If we are, guess who is responsible. YOU JOE and your party. WHITE RACIST

  • He is at it again.  Nothing but lies.  I don't think he knows how to tell the truth


  • Bullshit

  • If it was not for the demonicratic socialists setting race relations back 75 years and stirring up racial division at every opportunity no one else would have any need to be digging in and playing defense for OUR Constitutional freedoms!

  • It will be interesting when Joe declares war on Hitler, but skip over the Chinese in Korea, of course.

  • Biden was a supporter of real Jim Crow when it existed. He said nothing about it then because he is a true racist. He is the master of plantation politics that is leading blacks to remain in a state of poverty and self deprivation.

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