9900725292?profile=RESIZE_710xA solar energy company owned by a Biden megadonor received a $500 million government loan to build a manufacturing facility in India, the Biden administration announced this week, raising questions about whether the company's political clout played any role in the financing decision.

The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation granted the loan to First Solar, which is owned by billionaire Walmart heir Lukas Walton, to build a solar module plant in India. Walton contributed over $300,000 to President Joe Biden's campaign last year, and over $100,000 to the Democratic National Committee, according to campaign finance records.

The loan to First Solar is the "largest single debt financing transaction" issued by the DFC, the agency announced this week. The DFC said the investment in the India project will "promote DFC's commitment to diversifying supply chains," following demands from lawmakers that the agency avoid funding any solar projects connected to forced labor in China.

Ethics watchdogs said the loan raises questions about whether First Solar's political connections played a role in the DFC's decision. The federal financing agency, which was formerly known as the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, has faced criticism in the past for funding projects linked to political donors. The loan also comes nine years after the Obama administration came under fire for approving $3 billion in loan guarantees to the same company—funding that Republican lawmakers alleged the company wasn't qualified to receive.

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  • I remember when fuhrer obama gave $550 million to his cronies and they immediately started tossing pallet loads of solar panels in dumpsters, shut the company down, and disappeared to live a life of luxury!!!!!!!!!!  The same thing will happen again, communists get rich on the baxcks of We the People!!!!!!!!!!

  • Communists LOOTING the country as threy come to power?..............I'm shocked!!!!!

  • Funny money attracts more funny money. They have us living in fantacyland.

    • Remember the internet bubble of the 90's, when Clinton was President and NAFTA was passed?  There was plenty of funny money then too, but no one seemd to care about any monetary integrity then, or about open borders either as long as the cash was flying.  Certainly not Congress, or the media.  Then, remember when it burst?  And then, there was the "Hot money crash" over in Asia in 97.  Fortunmes were lost to speculators like Soros.

      This is what they do.  This is how they manipulate us and distract us and steal value from our money with inflation, the value of which just happens to be your life savings.  This particular, current bout of inflation is what they still needed to pay off the 08-09 crash, which they had only managed to carry, but never paid for.  You see, first they retain their own politicial control, power.  "Hank" and George Bush finessed all that while th eentire country booed them.  Then, they figure out how to make us pay for their excesses and fraudlent profits.  And that's th eproblem with fantasy land and fantasy money.  It isn't real and there is no real value behind any of it.  What it really is, is fraud.  This next crash, when reality reasserts itself once again will be the granddaddy of them all.

  • Who pays federal income tax and contributes the most to federal revenue streams?  Not the poor obviously.  The poor get federal income tax credits and grants.  The poor only take whatever they can from where ever they can get it.  They have no choice.  The rich have accountants and loop holes.  They hire the lobbists who persuade the politicians to move the legislation that create the loopholes.  The middle class bears the brunt of the tax burden.  And there in a nutshell you have what passes for globalism.  Here is a perfect example of our government's policy to support this new globalism, this new, one world economy.

    The American, middle class taxpayer is funding a billionaire's investment in a solar factory in India and to top it off the money was granted and allocated by way of corrupt, politicial practices.  So wealth is being drawn and siphoned off from the American middle class, which has lost its own source of jobs and the ability to support itself since America's own manufacturing sector was sold off and shipped to China.  Now American tax monies are given to third world countries to provide jobs for their people, nation and economy.  The product this Indian plant will produce will then be shipped to America and sold here to the middle class to further deplete us of our wealth.

    I could write paragraphs and pages, but authors have already written enough volumes to fill a library.  Melony DeFord (admin) has posted everything, quite enough and right above us.  A blind man can see and understand what is going on.  The new digital technology makes it all possible not inevitable.  Corrupt government politices is what makes it impossible to buck.

    • In short, the American tax payer is paying to put themselves out of work.  Sounds like Clinton's NAFTA

    • Exactly right.  In short, the American taxpayer is being used to float, or finance this giantic steal and destruction of America.  NAFTA and open borders are another intrinisic part of globalism.  It's all of it, of a piece.  Absolutely.

  • Solyndra revisited. This money, the company borrowing it, the participantes will all disappear just as before. And MSM, possessing neither journalistic curiosity nor integrity, will hype it's "greenness" in the beginning and totally ignore it's failure and concomitant graft. We the taxpayers are being played for suckers while being ripped off by an arrogant Dem controlled Congress.

  • THE SWAMP BACK WORKING AS PLANNED-!!! CONTROL- POWER- and LOT'S, LOT'S OF MONEY come on in Family and Friends, get your FAIR SHARE-!!!

  • Expect them to bankrupt soon - remember S

    Expect them to go bankrupt soon.  Remeber Soylendra!



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