• Today our police are controlled by the government they can't do nothing without their approval and now they want to control us from protecting ourselves and our family 

  • Sounds like something  straight  from  the lips of Maou Tse tung to me.. or Hitler.

  • Everything is a weapon of war, a stick, a rock like what's rattling around in his head. We support people that do their job correctly not abuse it and prey on our citizens. Making speeches about infringing on our 2nd amendment rights used to be the end of a carrier corrupt politician's political future. I miss that.

  • Sorry but I couldn't stand hearing 11 minutes of his BS

  • Lying sack 

  • ONLY Second Amendment Supporters are on the side of police.  Those opposed to the Second Amendment are against all police.  Those who oppose the Second Amendment want to make sure the citizens have no recourse against government that will make them slaves, serfs, and make sure they cannot defend themselves at any time.  Biden is a loser, a clown, a demented bafoon.  You can bet your sweet ass that he and his family will have taxpayer funded security for the rest of their lives.  But us, the working patroits don't count.  We need to make it mandatory that all states obey federal laws.  We also must ensure that those in office follow federal laws (immigration laws) or be put out of office and placed in jail or prison for failing to honor their oath of office.

  • Well, considering that any thought Demented Joe Biden has is put in his head by someone else, what we the people really need to know is who is feeding Demented Joe Biden his thoughts?

    • In my Humble opinion, its Oblabla.......

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