• What irritated me is having idiots that lend themselves to be poppetted to benefit the 1% instead of the nation and our country. They are allowing the 1% to use them like mops. Are they stupid that don't realize it?

  •  dementia is full of the bullshiite!!!!  All he does is read words put on the teleprompter and hope to not mess that up too bad but he usually manages to sound like the mental midget he has always been!!!!!  I believe fuhrer obama is one of the puppetmasters pulling dementia's strings but not the only satanic globalist doing so!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fuhrer Obama - I like that name.

  • Joey had a little boy little boy little boy. Joey had a little boy and his nose is white as snow. Defund the police and make fun of all of us while you do it. We will keep our guns thank you to keep you honest. We don`t need new laws? We need you to take care of the ones that are on the books. We care about you Joey less than you care about us. You have no plan and you have run this black thing into the ground.

  • What a bumbling, fumbling, and stumbling fool he is. Hopefully election integrity is in place so this human waste on society and others like him will not darken the Whitehouse again. 

  • What chills me to the bone; this is not Biden.  Biden is a communst paryty fall guy, Khrushchev on Depends.  What' happening here is not controlled by a single entity nor is it a domestic entity alone.  

    • Of course. 

      The non-domestic ingredient cannot be allowed to creep back into the shadows, after we right our ship of state.

      Its Nuremberg time then.

  • What a moron!

  • Sounds just like Obummer.

  • Joe Biden spiels off his "Grandpa" anecdotals, plans to spend money we don't have, for problems he has either created, resurrected, or enhanced.

    He expects us to take him seriously.

    Had enough?

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