• The definition of a "vaxx" is that the Intent and purpose of the jab is to provide immunity. That is not the intent or purpose of any of these things.

    They may or may not lesson any future symptoms. Any real "vaxx" had to begin with the actual live virus. Did chyna give us a sample to work from? No. 

    These are innoculations injecting foreign material into the human body that change the person's DNA. Gates is on video stating that "if things worked right, we could depopulate the planet by 10% - 15% of the 6 billion people now on the planet. That vid is here on TPCC.

    Some CoVid people are having long-lasting symptoms of smell and taste deprivation, extreme exhaustion and low-grade nausea. 

    The thing called covid is meant to turn the body's immune system against itself. 

    • The better term to use is innoculation.

  • They aren’t vaccinated, what they got was a shot, just like the flu shot because this virus much like the flu virus changes and it’s impossible to vaccinate against it!

    They will push people to get another shot every year, and it will be as inaffective as the flu shot, but it gives people false security against something that is less deadly than the flu, and we have ways of treating it with hydroxychloroquin and ivermectin.  Both cheep, available and nearly 100% affective, but doctors are ordered by the hospitals not to use them because they don’t make enough money on them.

    They have to be used early, and if one has early symptoms they are sent home without treatment, they make people wait until they are very sick so they need the hospitals can make tens of thousands, and who cares if that late in the treatment people die, as long as big Pharma and the hospitals benefit!

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  • I think that Mrs Biden needs a new designer for her dresses/suits.

    • Hahahahahaha, I too was wondering who dresses her? Also what a busybody she is on stage making sure two braincell Joe has everything set up and waving  like a fool, as if she matters. Imagine if Mrs Trump would have behaved so classless! This presidency is like a circus act!

  • why does he need a mask when they are vaccinated? Guess they Do not trust the vaccine!

    • IT's all about control..

  • How do we know that everyone at the rally was fully vaccinated?

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      But they were outside and most of the attendees were hanging in or outside their cars. ... and the four on stage ARE fully 'vaccinated'.


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