• Biden needs a permanent vacation from America and take all his cronies wilth him

  • In 7 months Joe has orchestrated 2 EPIC INVASIONS- 1 on our southern border and Afghanistan. We need to say ENOUGH! He is an imposter and a fraud.

  • Biden is a Chinese agent. Biden has never done anything positive for this nation. He will not be satisfied until this great nation is destroyed the same as Afghanistan, Venezuela and Cuba.

  • He should go on vacation permanently.  He has been out to lunch his entire 7+months; he might as well go on vacation.  If he thought the little he did was handling the situation in Afghanistan; he was seriously mistaken!  What a disgrace for our country.

  • AMEN to that  !

  • I recently read somewhere that there were upwards of 18K US Civilian contractors in Afghanistan...  any contingency plan to pull out our Embassy and Ambassador should have included detailed plans for the notification and evacuation of all US Contractors with or before the US Military was extracted.  It appears that these contractors are scattered out all over Afghanistan and are at the mercy of the Taliban...  Because the Biden Administraion failed to properly draw down their numbers before withdrawing the military.

    18 thousand US Civilians remain in Iraq... and we are concerned over evacuating Afghinstanees who supported the US military... how about all those US Citizens who supported the US Military... who is looking out for them?

    See: Stars and Stripes - Troop levels are down, but US says over 18,000 ...

    Troop levels are down, but US says over 18,000 contractors remain in Afghanistan
    About one service member deployed for each contractor a decade ago, at the height of the U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan.
    • Who is looking out for them?  The same people who looked out for close to a million South Vietnames who were immediately killed by our communist allies after Saigon fell.

    • Exactly... at least the Vietnamese were armed... US civilian Contractors in Afghanistan are not permitted to carry or have weapons... they are specifically prohibited weapons.

    • Taliban leaders should be told to allow US soldiers presense at check points, and entrance points to the airport, to make sure that all persons presenting valid documents authorizing evacuation not be stopped; or there would be hell to pay!!!!!!!! 

    • Oh, y eah that will work...

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