• We are looking for regime change at home.  Everything else is just bovine manure.

    • And who is going to tell them, Ozell; Biden?  Do you really think they would believe them.  Biden made the situation in Afghanistan worse than it has been in many years (and treasonously he doesn't even care); therefore I can't see that there won't be hell to pay [as you put it].  

  • He's hiding, trying to figure out how to make people realize he had nothing to do with the safety of the American people or the country of Afghanistan, that it wasn't really his job!!!  I despise this fake "president"!  He needs to resign immediately!

  • Do you mean we're going to dump Biden off in Kabul??

    • LOL! If only!


  • This is the foul stench of democrat politics.  They dont give a damn about the country and citizens, only what they can personally gain and steal from the people.  

  • He's good at throwing people under the bus.He should be dealt with as a traitor to his country!

    • The people that are awake knew that years ago. Arrest him and get Trump back in as fast as possible. I think the people that don't abide by the constitution and their oath of office should be tried for treason and the people that voted for them should not be allowed to vote for 8 years. 

  • All the adults are all running the DOJ and the FBI and the universities and the courts and federal bureaucries.  Good luck waiting for either them, or the calvery.  The final destruction of America and her middle class was always the plan when they stole the election.  Duh?  Can anyone still be left out there who can't see that much and why should anyone bother trying to talk to such willful  and useless ignorance?

  • Th adults won't come in and take over until they grow up themselves. I knew somehing this rotten would happen when they stole the election; we can't trust demoncrats to do the right thing - ever! This is sickening!

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