• Afterthought:  I believe the thing that keeps Joe Biden in Office is the fear that Kamala Harris will be so much worse. 

    I like the idea of Trump as Speaker of the House; If, after the 2022 elections, we impeach both Biden and Harris, the Speaker would become President.

  • I think we already see the collapse of leadership! 

    Another string on this site asks, "Can Biden sink farther?"  I immediately thought of a paraphrase of John Paul Jones' famous: "[Biden has] not yet begun to [sink]."

  • It is about 200 republican house members.  That is almost half.  There are only a few that are willing to stand up and tell it like it is.  I never see my congressman on tv or leading a rally to inform the people of his district of what is actually happening.  A lot of people don't watch Fox, or OAN  or NNN, so they really don't know what is going on.  There are also democrats out there that can be flipped if they could only get the word from the republicans.   Ms. Green, Ga. 14, is not shy about fighting back. Wish Hice 10th had as much drive as she has.  The only reason that there won't be a land slide in 22 is tht the republicans did not get out there and fight.


  • THE "LEFTY RADICALS" are trying to put the AMERICAN PEOPLE ON THEIR KNEE'S and THEN CONVIENCE THEM THAT THEY (Democrats) ARE THE ONLY ONE'S THAT WILL FIX THE SITUTATION-!!! (it never get's fixed) Just The Same as What Happened With The American Indians(Murder Them and Reservations) and Also The Afican(Murder Them and Slums) Take a LOOK AT HISTORY- it repeats itself when "NOT" Taught/Told-!!! Think About it

  • The fallacy of the Media Induced Cocid Pandemic and the resultant social, economic collapses within our schools, cities, businesses, communities, States and the World!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I'm sorely afraid America will collapse first

    • With the way things have been going - I have to agree with you.


  • We all see the total lack of competence and intellegence in the Marxist, Socialist Democrat Party.  The blame and a fundamental problem in our Country also sits with the Republican Party, particularly the leadership.  Neither Party is focused or even concerned with the welfare of the Amercian people, our way of life and Constitution.  Our elected leaders are only interested in acquiring personal power and wealth.  Are we looking at a total collapse of leadership?  The answer is, there isn't, nor has there ever been any leadership in Washington DC.  The only solution is a Constitution amendment that requires term limits for all federally elected officals.  Also, it would help if these limits applied to the State's elected officals.

    • Don't underestimate the "competence and intelligence of the Marxist, Socialist Democrat Party."  They were competent enough to steal the election from Trump, and intelligent enough to steal the country from the rest of us!  The only question now is do you--as an individual, and all of you reading this have the balls to stand up and do something about it?

    • It would also help if the hired bureaucrats had term limits and could not stay more than, say, twelve years.

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