• Ronald,

    Constitutionally Speaking/Referring you are absolutely correct and on solid ground intellectually. However, those of our age, education and experience easily forget the "Finite Education of Our Constitution" has not been taught in our educational systems for several Generations now. I would state as substantial fact that at a minimum 90% of American Citizens, of Voting Age and above, know no more than .05% of Our Constitution and its Meaning as a "Tool for its Sovereign Citizens" to Control Their Governments! One can Preach the Truth to the Ignorant until they are Blue in the Face with no effect! The Truth is revealed by Demonstration, and Education. The "Dumbing Down of America" has hurt us all! 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • All are correct but all to no avail as long as present administration, RINOS, and corrupt governors, mayors, judges,and dog catchers remain in their own authority.

  • Seems to me that biden does whatever he wants and nobody is stopping him

    • Seems to me that it's high time the states put him on notice that Americans have had enough of his BS and IF he can't get with the program, that's his problem because with him or without him, WE WILL TAKE BACK AMERICA.

  • "Biden Justice Department THREATENS Any State that holds Election Audits with Prison Time"

    And that is a reason why a Governor has his own state paramilitary force.

  • Wouldn't surprise me if Garland and his goons might attempt to enter Arizona and stop the process; willing to bet, if they do, Governor Doucy will happily have them entertained in the local, or state "graybar hotel".

  • Actually nothing is new. I remember when Spiro Agnew, as Vice President, wanted the A.G. to investigate the musical group "The Byrds" for their song "Turn, Turn, Turn", which He was assured related to " DRUGS!" It was later hushed up when discovered that the lyrics were word for word "Ecclesiastics" from the Old Testament.

    Lynn Bryant DeDpain.

    • The DOJ investigation of a private group or individual is not on par with threatening a sovereign State... Threats of imprisonment for conducting oversight of state elections exceed federal authority. This sort of action by the DOJ should result in every State taking notice and calling for an Article 5 Convention. The purpose of said convention would be to strip away the usurped authority and powers of the Federal Government, and its reign of terror over its member States.

      The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic... a constitutionally defined union of member states, each being soverign, has committed to granting limited power to a Federal Government/  These constitutional powers were granted to manage a select group of COMMON INTERESTS, as defined by the US Constitution and its Amendments.  The Federal Government is the creation of the States.  It exists to serve the interests of the Republic, as authorized in the US Constitution, and is limited to those powers alone.

      The Judicial, Legislative, and Executive Branches have all exceeded their federal Constitutional powers... they all need to be restrained and put on notice by the several states. First,  thru legislative referendum and petitions citing the abuses of the Federal Government that need restraint. Should the Federal Government fail to comply with the State's legislation and petitions, then in Convention they need to modify the Constitution, STRIPPING away all but the essential Constitutional powers of the Federal Government. A complete, top to bottom, reorganization of the Federal Government and its constitutional powers are now in order.

  • There is no reason for the AG of the United States to threaten State Officials with arrest for conducting oversight of State elections, thru any number of audits... UNLESS the AG of the United States is trying to cover up election fraud, there should be no reason to manufacture threats of prosecution for criminal breach of the civil rights statutes. The State's decision to audit its elections is not a violation of anyone's civil rights. 

    The threat by the AG of the United States to prosecute State Officials for conducting oversight audits of State Elections may be a violation of the state criminal code... The DOJ's pretense that State's election audits are a violation of the Civil Rights Statutes is unfounded.  These threats may be considered unlawful coercion of State officials.  The Governor, State Legislature, and State's AG, all should send notice to the DOJ, explaining their attempt to coerce state officials to stop the audit process in Arizona may be a crime and will be prosecuted if the DOJ acts on the threat.  Prosecuting Arizona public officials for engaging in a lawful audit of their State Elections falls under their constitutional oversight duties.

    Biden Justice Department THREATENS Any State that holds Election Audits with Prison Time
    Biden DOJ Orders States Not To Conduct Arizona-Style Forensic Audits Of 2020 Election, Threatens Prison Time via @nationalfile…
    • Many States are to ignore such threats, and will have reprisals for the Biden adminstration that is looking to start a major conflict.

      I am ready for them(I think) and I think most patriots know that too!! I just would like to know what are we waiting for????

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