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A left-wing activist with ties to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) nominated by President Joe Biden to be a federal judge has argued photo ID and proof of citizenship constitute “voter suppression.”

Nancy Gbana Abudu, the deputy legal director at SPLC, was picked by Biden in December to serve on the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. The 11th Circuit covers parts of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. The vacancy came about upon the retirement of Judge Beverly B. Martin — a President Barack Obama appointee.

Abudu worked for the ACLU from 2005 to 2019 and was an 11th Circuit staff attorney from 2002 to 2004. Along with U.S. District Judge J. Michelle Childs, she was part of Biden’s twelfth round of judicial nominees, according to a White House memo.

Biden put forth 75 judges in 2021. The memo states that his nominees “reflect the diversity” Biden “promise[d]” in courts and that Abudu “would be the first African-American woman judge ever to sit on the Eleventh Circuit.” 

‘Voter Suppression’ Remarks

In a 2011 interview dug up by The Daily Wire, Abudu asserted that “95 percent” of her work with the ACLU at the time involved “voting rights.” She notably said “photo ID” and “proof of citizenship,” two long-established requirements to vote, are indicative of “voter suppression:”


Obviously, we do a lot when it comes to voter suppression, which includes five priority areas: photo ID, proof of citizenship, restrictions we see when it comes to registration … early voting as well as absentee voting and the restrictions we see when it comes to criminal convictions. We also do a lot with student voting.

Abudu said her “biggest concern” as an ACLU attorney “regarding voter suppression” was states “passing laws requiring voters to have photo IDs.” She slammed South Carolina for not permitting students to show campus IDs to vote, calling it “restrictive.”

The Biden nominee has continued to argue that various voting requirements are discriminatory. In August, Abudu called on the Senate to pass the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act — H.R. 4 — in order “to protect the future of American democracy.”

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  • A "Transgender General" should be a direct clue.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • We now have a MAN who claims his gender is female competing against biological women in college swimming events. HE is breaking records that were established by actual women. That is a travesty. He failed to break any records when he competed against men.

      The criteria should be clear: it should be genitalia (a persons SEX) that is the determinant, not some fetish driven gender (brain) delusional concept of ones self. If we adhered to the fact that sex describes one as male or female instead of the shadowy gender illusion now being foisted upon the public, the matter would be clear to all.

      Further insulting to women is that the media refers to him as she/her when the FACT is that he is a functional male, even able to impregnate a female. Testosterone suppression drugs do not always eliminate his basic sex drive according to what some professionals have stated. The use of those same drugs on sex offenders has proved it does not always prevent the aggressive male sex drive. The recidivist record on that score shows exactly that.

  • The Foundation of Our Nation is Our Constitution and its Amendments. Whenever a question arises as to "Meaning/Clarification", the Sole Source of this Solution lay in " What Was The Intent At The Time Of Adoption? " Discovery is in every note of discussion from the Chamber/House Floors of the Congress, including Reference, At and During the Time of Creation. Never to be Molded or Fitted to any other Time or Place anymore than "Shifting the Foundation below a Completed House and expecting that House to Stand!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Needs to be #1 question! With proof. 

  • Would the same judge require "Personal Identification" to assure the correct person was "Standing Trial?"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


  • Bob, That is such a great analogy!

  • Would the Left recommend that everyone leave tehir front door open or remove them all together.?  This is as unconsititional in my view, as the   open borders we are now allowing. Is there absolutely NO criteria for being an American??   This Biden administration has revealed itself as an enemy of the this country...thatj's what I think.

    • This is PURE EVIL, the devildemocommiecrats know that what they are doing is wrong but their plan is to destroy America and "fundamentally transform" it into a puppet state of the new world order global dictatorship!!!!!  The Bible tells us that Heaven has walls, gates, and entry requirements while hell has open borders and no entry requirements!!!!!  they and their allies of the deep state gop establishment want to turn America into a section of hell on earth to match china, north korea, iran, venezuela, and other dictatorial hellholes!!!!!!!!


    • So true Bob!

      The final goal is the establishment of a One World Order. That began with Wilson, then ran the gamut to FDR and the myriad of elected democraps since that time.

      First, the League of Nations failed in its ambitions; then the United Nations which so far has not succeeded but further along than even their founders thought possible.

      And why are we so dependent on the UN when it is our nation that is the primary answer to the elimination of tyrants and even the leading fund source of its existence? And why is it WHO we turn to for medical advice when in fact the best scientists and research facilities in the world are right here in the US?

      Valid voter ID does suppress voters, only illegal voters. Every aspect of our life from the day of our birth is recorded on a certificate to the day we die when then too a certificate is issued giving evidence of our citizenship. Why is voter ID the exception??????

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