They are using baby formula like they blocked medicines for early Covid treatment to cause panic, but let's share info about alternatives to baby formula
(no honey because it is a risk to babies of botulism) .  To make things worse, Biden is shipping pallets to border facilities to
take it out of availability to ordinary American moms. 
Solutions please far and wide.




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    • Ron, I read Marlene's post and didn't see any "potty mouth"!!!!!


    • Bob,    I used the everyday word that you or anybody else would use if they slammed a door on their finger.   Yes, that extremely vulgar word for feces that starts with an 's' and ends with a 't'.

      God forbid anyone should have such a potty mouth.

      Let me suggest that it was not what I said, but WHO made the accusation that determined it to be 'potty'.   Some use expletives and there's not a whisper of complaint.

      Why is that?


    • People r gtting hung up on terminology, epecially tht which osn't suit them so I don't pend as much tim hre s I used to.  I am inersted in discussing problems not getting into a pising contes (there I go) over minor ords omone use.  I use bullshiite a lot, partly to describe a situation and partly to slam satanist diaperheads!!!!!  So far I am not aware of any squaling but wouldn't care, or respond, if anyone doesn't like it.  There are a few I will neoither read their inane posts nor respond to them!!!!!!!!!!  Hang in there, I am not "offended" by the feces word, it actually describes a few trolls in here very well.  I wonder who will get their panties in a wad over this, but I don't care!!!!!!!!!!


    • I will no longer respond to anything he utters.

    • Bob

      Either Admin or Marlene removed the potty mouth comment... 

    • Keep your vicious attacks to yourself.


    • He is right, no need for potty mouth!  I am blocking you!


    • ADMIN

      This reply is uncalled for.....stop attacking our other members.

    • It is an attack to defend myself and tell someone to keep THEIR ATTACKS to themself?

      Exactly how is that an attack by me?


    • There have been at minimum 100 attacks on me in the past week alone and never a peep at any of the attackers.

      AMAZING is all I can say

This reply was deleted.