They are using baby formula like they blocked medicines for early Covid treatment to cause panic, but let's share info about alternatives to baby formula
(no honey because it is a risk to babies of botulism) .  To make things worse, Biden is shipping pallets to border facilities to
take it out of availability to ordinary American moms. 
Solutions please far and wide.




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  • So if an illegal baby dies, isn't that just a late term abortion ?

  • All of us need to start letting these communist democrats, and  the RHINO how we feel. I know that I do, even if it falls on death ears for now. Election time is coming around for Congress too.

  • ALL bevildemocommiecrats are EVIL, demon possessed scum!!!!!  They hate God, America, and the personal liberty America stands for!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!They want the nation to be another puppet state of the new world order global dictatorship with them in control of this area of it!!!!!  They are money hungry, power hungry,, and despotic

  • This is just the start of our new Socialist Government....enjoy, thank your local O'Biden voter! 

    • Cameron, most of the "o'biden voters don't actually exist!!!!!  between dead people and VOTE FRAUD We the People have suffered a hostile take-over, a coup!!!!!!!!!!


  • Are you Biden voters starting to see who you voted for? The Trump voters knew this before the 2020 election! 10484807678?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • You've got it exactly right.  barry didn't get it done in 8 years so now he is whispering in joe's ear.

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    • ADMIN

      Wow! It's not the baby's fault, it's the children running the government

  • This is Santanic

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