• Everyone in our government needs to go. There is not one person in Washingto D,C, that cares about the people that put them in office. All of the people in our government are traitors to the U.S.A. 

  • Biden and his entire administration should get a pink slip from the people resign or be removed 

  • Let's be realistic, Biden knows exactly what he is doing. He is owned and aiding and abetting the entities that sat him in the WH.

    • Whether he is cognitively lacking (which he obviolusly is) or not; he is the President (albiet in name only) and the buck stops with him!


    • I agree to some extent...he often does not know what day it is or who his wife is....dementia...but he is doing what his globalist NWO handlers want...

  • Every single one of his administration along with Obama who is directing him from behind needs to be charged and found guilty of treason!!

    • Yes...but don't hold your breath because the folks that need to arrest abd charge them are also in charge..not to mention the treasonous RINOs

  • He won't resign or be impeached. China, Russia & libs are proud of him. 

  • this is a disgusting mess & obiden & all his minions need to be gone

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