• We're at war from within. They;re installing a TOTALITARIAN REGIME on us. Note how they are just ignoring/stalling on us as they enslave us!

    • I could have told you this a long time ago starting with Obama and his cronies.

  • The whole Biden Regime is beyond a disgrace. From the day the democrats chose the metal midget long time service goverment leftist hack I knew from studying this person that if somehow he won that I would be a disaster of epic proportions. Well due to leftist machinations coupled with RINO capituation the JOETATO won. Now look what's happened. Basically we have the 70's all over again. I'm getting triggered so I'll end with this. We'd better at least take the house back from that other lunatic Nancy "Hot Mic" Pelosi and run a strong Conservative (ie. Ron DeSantis) to take back my WH.

  • The last time we saw a disaster of this magnitude, was when Nero fiddled while Rome burned! 

  •   The people that were awake during the 2020 election, who voted Trump, knew that years ago. Obama knew he was a Judas, That is why he hired him as his vice! O'Biden has been a terrible representative for the American people for 47 years, why would 48 be any different. The last time we truly had a military failure of this level was 2011 under Obama! I hope the people that voted for this madman remember this for the rest of their life and the life of their children. 

  • O'Biden is living Proof that FENTANYL is a Nasty, Powerful Drug which will make you a COMMUNIST!

    • Darn right it's a nasty drug just ask Goerge Flyold. Oh wait we can;t because he's burning in Hades right now. 

  • LOOK AT AMERICAN HISTORY-!!! This is exspected... (There is a BOOK That WARNS ABOUT THIS HAPPENING)-!!!

  • wake up people this is planed and the Devil is the president of this country because he is destroying lives, killing people, and stealing lives everywhere.

  • He is not going to resign he is following his father the Devil's footsteps and the rest of his cronies like Obama, all the Democratic party.

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