PRISON OR EXECUTION FOR CONVICTED DEEP STATE TRAITORS? – The Infidel  Country ClubFormer Vice President Joe Biden was informed of Pfizer’s successful coronavirus vaccine news before the nation’s incumbent chief health care administrator, Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar.

“I, as Secretary of Health and Human Services, learned about this from media reports on Monday morning,” Azar said Wednesday during an interview with Washington D.C. radio station WMAL.

On Monday, the pharmaceutical giant announced that its coronavirus vaccine candidate showed to be 90 percent effective in large-scale clinical trials, putting the end of the pandemic that has claimed the lives of almost 250,000 Americans since March on the horizon.

“If the Biden campaign found out Sunday night but you … didn’t find out until Monday, that sounds like there’s a problem there,” WMAL host Vince Coglianese said during his interview with Azar.

“There certainly was a gap in communication, let’s say,” Azar responded.

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  • I will not take a Vaccine period.

    • Why not Jeff? What is your reasoning Jeff? I'm an engineer ... my team and I working on instrumenting the neural system.

    • here is the reason why everytime I took flew shot it makes me sick that's one of the reason why I am not going to take Vaccine shot the second reason why I believe the coronavirus is purely demonic if I took the Vaccine it might be the mark of the beast.


  • Vaccine was REAL bad news for me,had to have it for Hospital Job. It was HMR ,it was almost the Death of me .I was hospitalized for 3 weeks ,no real answer other than pmeunia and then had to live on Oxygen with a later diagnosis of COPD  . Bullcrap cdc gets away with it again ,Doctors will never speak up against them ,beleive me I told 9 of them the same story.It sucks because I was only 40 years young when it happened .I will never get another vaccine!!

    • This is the left's game plan to usher in the New World Order, make everything, employment, travel, shopping, even going outside our houses, dependent on getting vaccinated and having proof on person as foretold in the Book of Revelation.  This is the beginning of the Mark of the Beast.  The sickest I have ever been in my 70 years was the only time I got a flu shot in 1975.  I missed 3 weeks work with the flu and thought I was going to die, and at times wanted to die I was so miserable.  I WILL NOT get the vaccination and will urge my adult children not to get it nor my grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Most of my 12 grandchildren are ole enough to decide for themselves (10 are 18+) but I urge them to refuse also.  There are no generational health issues.  I suffered a stroke in 2014 but it was a freak thing not from any normal cause, nothing that is passed on through genes..

  • I was in, and later worked for, the US Army...35 years in total.

    As part of my job I visited 116 countries & had every immunization imaginable...retired now, I refuse to fly; but travel across the Lower 48 in my truck extensively.

    I shake hands with all who will, wear a mask only when it's required; smoke tobacco in many forms, eat red meat, drink hard liquor. Still no COVID-19!

    I believe in immunizations...but will be 'unpleasant' if anyone tries to compel me to take a Covid shot. If it's voluntary & Trump says he backs it I will take it, and happily so.

    Trump had had the most positive effect on the nation of any President in my lifetime.

  • Charming folks, these Swamp denizens.

    • Jim, I contend they are "charming" TREASONOUS SCUM!!!!!

    • Yep.

      'charming' was used as a venomous snark.

    • I figured it was.  I did too but was a bit more direct, one of my "character flaws".  LOL

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