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Asked for his definition of "unity," President Joe Biden told reporters on Monday it means eliminating the "vitriol," accomplishing what "the majority of the American people" want to get done; and aiming for bipartisanship, although if something isn’t bipartisan, "it doesn't mean there wasn't unity -- it just means it wasn't bipartisan," Biden said.

"If you could talk about what you see unity as being...given it is such a key part of your message,” a Washington Post reporter asked Biden:

One is, unity requires you to take away -- eliminate the vitriol -- make anything that you disagree with about the other person's personality or their lack of integrity or they're not decent legislators and the like. So we have to get rid of that. And I think that's already beginning to change, but God know where things go, number one.

Unity also is trying to reflect what the majority of the American people -- Democrat, Republican, independent -- think is within the fulcrum of what needs to be done to make their lives and the lives of Americans better.

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  • Because Republicans are part of the crap. No one has reported dems' lies or treason for the last 4 years so don't act surprised now. 

    • Mary, I am with you. I still can't believe that in the last 4 years Trump didn't report the dems' lies or treason and went after them they way such people should be treated.

    • I am with you 100%

  • This Unconstitutionally elected P.O.S. is doing whatever Xi tells him to do. The Dems. are pissing me off more than ever !!!!!............Which is pretty hard to do!!!

  • You want Unity biden? Then get rid of 99% of demoncrats!!! 

  • Biden and The Elite Globalists ARE the Offspring Of Cain, "The Son Of Satan".!

  • It is mind-boggling to have such a liar in the White House now right after we had Trump there, who is the most honest and most transparent person in the White House ever. The elections sure had to be rigged because every American can see that Trump made America great again, that he speaks truthfully. Who doesn't love the USA on January 19, 2021 compared to any other time in recent memory?

  • Will someone tell this idiot the majority of the people didn't voted for him or is he really that stupid to accept the truth,the election was stolen and they are trying to tell us it was a fair election but they will never succeed.

  • Hey Joe... getting one or two RINOs to vote for a bad bill doesn't make it a bipartisan bill or proof of unity... stop with the new math, unity is 100% agreement and bipartisan efforts need at least half of the opposition to support the measure claiming bipartisanship.  Take your delusional logic and waroed math skills and apply for a refund on your education... as it was woefully inadequate.

  • Can you say.....?  Snake oil salesman??

    or how about....Here drink some of this "Kool Aid"

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