Bertram on Twitter: "Joe Biden has a lifetime of failure to not be proud  of. But @realDonaldTrump delivers!… "

Name the crisis, and President Joe Biden and his team have no clue how to handle it, except to claim his stalled “Build Back Better” spending plans will somehow fix it.

Yet his past spending has fueled the mess by dumping extra billions into circulation, creating record-high inflation. And the no-strings cash he’s sent to families plus his failure to end the pandemic as he’d vowed have created worker shortages — adding to the supply-chain crunch that has Americans worried about canceled Christmas, even as it further fuels inflation as too much cash chases too few goods.

As his no-enforcement policies have illegal immigration hitting new highs, Team Biden’s only “solution” is to hide the consequences by flying planeloads of underage migrants into places like suburban New York in the dead of night, severely straining already-overtaxed local services.

Is the nation stuck with three more years of this fecklessness?

Uncle Joe can’t even get through a softball Democrat-loaded town hall without embarrassing himself. As he struggled for some semblance of coherence Thursday night, his aides running the show were on damage-control duty, watching for what they’d have to walk back — such as his off-the-cuff vow to bring in the National Guard to ease supply-chain woes.

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