• !!!"OH" POOOOOR BABBBBY !!!!

  • Biden voters are Terrorists.

    • and the Obama administration


  • Jail time for this guy name Joe Biden

  • On the front page of the Washington Times of September 14th 2020 was an article about the new film “Riding the Dragon: The Biden’s Chinese Secrets.” My utterly twisted mind automatically wondered if it would be a musical comedy since I knew it would have to be a comedy and unbidden into came this little ditty “I’m little Bobbie Biden I’m going to the Celestial Kingdom where the Celestials will give me gold and silver. I don’t know why they will give gold and silver but I’ll take it any way and do whatever they want me to do without care in my brain.” Do not have a care in your hearts gentle readers I am still working on the libretto.

  • He's such a liar, aloong with the whole Demoncratic Party. They all belong in prison. This election will prove that.

  • This old fart belongs in the rest home with

    • And Burisma can pay for it.

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