• I could rip weinie joe biden's guts out and it wouldn't bother me one iota. It is shameful what his wife and the communists are doing to this old man. He looks like he is going to fall over at any minute. What they are doing to him is sinful. He looks like a slobbering old fool. I hope the poor old fart survives this beating he is getting. 

  • All I can say is"A Moran in Action ". What a Dufass! 

  • Deflect you lying pos!

    I guess America is starting to see the consequences of their first halfrican president.

    Using the only criteria of being black to qualify to be president, what a nation of fools. Name one good thing that bath house barry did that helped ALL Americans.

    To think he was given the nobel 1/2 crackah jack piece prize, simply because he was 1/2 black. Imagine if someone like Ben Carson had been elected president, a big difference between someone that loves America, Constitution and bath house barry the muslim sexually confused pos.

    • You talking about Bathouse Glory Hole Caulk Sucking Son Of a White Trash Communist Hobag,Chairman Bao?


    • isn't that something


  • Got some s'plaining to do little Joe. Lying  sack of poop. He new, Obama new, and every one else sounded the alarm. But the money was just to good to pass up. That's all they know how to do. Indict Joe now.

    • the problem is so much complicated and it is with the Obama administration and this is the result of it. 

  • Absolute SCUM................  answer the question.

    • yes, he is a SCUM of the earth he can not even answer a question.

  • It seems clearer and clearer to me that when anyone from the Left speaks they are not addressing themselves to the general public, but to their own base and what a patheric base that is. 

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