• TYRANT!!!

  • Where are all of the millions and millions of supposed Obiden voters and supporters? Line up all those crooked voting machines and 'poof' there's the voters!!!

    • "Obiden"? GOOD one!

  • There is no record in history of such a large mass of civilians so angry against their Rulers, Educators and those involved in informing the public of narrow controlled half truths.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Why does biden bother to come out of the basement, people can't stand him

  • And the media and some Rinos want us to accept this idiot won the election how stupid can they be 

  • No the cheating  bastard  didn't  win  . God bless those  Patriot's  .

  • Really... dredging up long-forgotten and dead incidents of racial bigotry in one of the South's hotbeds of racism is hardly unifying or applicable to our nation's cultural unity today.  No one involved in those riots is living today and few who had relatives caught up in that event are around today.  The vast majority of non-Blacks had no connection to this incident... just how recalling it adds to racial harmony is beyond me?

  • America is crying.

    • False guilt doesn't make for normalized race relations...  politicizing the sorrow felt by all American's for long-past racial abuses will only create an environment ripe for violence and more racial strife. 

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