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  • The whole point of having a campaign is for the voters to learn on where the candidates stand on giving issues.  My opinion is that the Harris Biden ticket is hiding something!

    • Exactly, however, today's campaigns are all about a carefully managed outcome to get votes... Campaigns present open lies as truth and tailor the candidates advertising and rallies to diverse TARGET AUDIENCES with different needs and political persuasions.  Campaigns use carefully crafted narratives targeted by demographic and location... If matters not, that these narrative's conflict... They are not designed to inform.  They are crafted to obtain votes.

  • What kind of person could stand in front of an American flag while refusing to answer such a YUUUUUUGE question???


  • Yet another reason why Trump will trounce Biden in November. The most transparent president in the history of the country is no match for cagey and sleepy Joe. 

  • If we don't deserve to know who does? Of course that just shows what he thinks of the general public. He thinks we're all too stupid to be informed of anything. He thinks we're just a bunch of sheep.

  • Maybe they can find someone to "pack" sleepy joe's ass...

  • why is this a surprise ? he was the vice president for a president who said we could keep our doctor

  • Joe! Joe! Joe!  Don't you know a NON-answer is the same thing as saying YES, I'll re-structure SCOTUS!!!

    No, wait... The Lamestream Media are on YOUR side and most Democrat voters are unbelievably ignorant.

    Never mind.

  • Biden can't find the door to the men's room.... and the only one listening to him is the secret service agent on his security detail... Before Biden can stack the Supreme Court he has to win and he has to get both Houses to pass the necessary legislation to do that.  Biden thinks he is on tour when his wife leads him to the Dining Room... filled with all the empty chairs at the table.

    • Biden actually thinks he will have unlimited power once in office. But we all know that anyway.


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