• Actually, Biden cares about his glass of warm milk at night and his pink carrot man to help him sleep. (The Pink Carrot Man is actually a Dildo, but his Doctor Wife comforts him by saying its a Carrot."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Looking at the results of Joe Bidens parenting of his dishonourably discharged, sexually abberant, drug addict son Hunter, and his management of the Nations border security which has fallen into chaos in about one a year and a three quarters, why should he think business would be influenced by his"encouragement" in mass discharging unvaccinated workers being all for the best?

  • Biden doesn't care about anything but power.

  • I saw a video on a news feed that to meet the requirements of the idiots mandate this man let go ALL of his vaccinated employees and gave the purebloods a raise!!! Kudos to this man

  • Biden does not care that as a result of His Mandatory Vaccination Demands: "Long Haul Freight Companies" (the largest majority of products deliveries) employ 100+, resulting in 20+% of Drivers leaving their Jobs, resulting in a 20+% reduction in the Moving of Products. Also not taken into account, the "Longshoremen unloading the cargo goods from from Cargo Ships. 20+% of the Union's Membership refuse Vaccination, and are paid from the " Strike Fund." Results, reduced products availability to American Citizens, Ships stacked up awaiting Dock Space, drag anchors into Oil Pipelines tearing rips, allowing spillage. Cities Passing Ordinances allowing "Unvaccinated" to only Purchase Groceries and "To Go Food", disallowing any gathering and Human Contact with Others, creating Modern Day Lepers/Untouchables! Private Enterprise unable to continue Business Existence as availability of Employees has become non existent to to extraordinary Government Benefits for Doing Nothing. Government Positions go unfilled causing Agencies to create " Wage Bonuses of an additional $9.00 per/hour for 90 days", just to relieve Overworked Existing Staff. The Negative Side, All Existing Staff receive the "Additional $9.00 per hour for 90 days. All at the " Taxpayers Expense! " These mentioned positions are at State Hospitals! Consider now all those perpetual unemployed living off the perpetual unemployed and "Rent Eviction Delays", food stamps, and all other Public Assistance, combined with the Daily Growth of Border Illegals, now minus the immediate " Minimum of 20% Income/Business Tax" from the Government's Payroll Pools, what but disaster awaits us? The Enemies of America lay within its Borders, not beyond!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • OH WOW!! I don't care how much money is given out for these freeloaders. If products are not on the shelves. no one can buy any products. Let that sink in. All of the stupid BIden voters who do not pay attention to real world events, will be flabbergasted when thier food storages are gone. Any one with an ounce of brains better get some long term food storage stocked up. This is not going to be a temporary event. It will be from now on. Once demand out paces supply, that is when the SHTF. People are right now in the process of hoarding food, canned goods and dry goods. Dairy and frozen foods cannot be stored for months on end. I was in  huge Walmart super center, the dried goods and canned foods sections were almost bare. I have been stocking up for over a year, a little bit at a time. Again, I will suggest that all of you reading this go to youtube and in the search bar put in "AmeriKa tv mini series" worded exactly like that. It was filmed in 1985. I watched it when it was first shown on TV. Chris Christopherson stars in it along with Robert Ureck. It is a mirror image of what is transpiring today.

  • Administrator Dee, What makes you think Biden is worse than obama if that POS is actually running the show from behind?

  • This is the truth


    Dr Lee Merritt: The End Game of the Vaccines is Depopulation
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  • How many employees were fired that were unvaccinated so the company could be at 99%?

  • AMEN Brother 

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