Biden corruption

The entire Biden family should be investigated .......since they took money from Ukraine and China while Daddy Joe was vice president. Their fraud, bribery is purely opposed the interests of the United States in dealing with unbalanced trade, patent and copyright thefts, endless spying on US business and government from Texas oil fields, to college research , to cyber data and every other aspect of our lives. China is an ENEMY of the US and a threat to our well being, our security, our economy and ability to invent, produce and employ our citizens. THE BIDENS AIDED AND ABETTED THE CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY AGAINST THE UNITED STATES. They should be viewed as traitors.......NOT A PATRIOTIC CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT. Biden is a puppet as he was for Obama......he bends with the left wing agenda. He learned his deceitful character from Obama who was purely a shill for the Muslim Brotherhood, the UN, Soros and globalist agendas to reduce the US influence and economic power. Anybody voting for this SOB is truly uneducated, corrupt or simply a socialist/Marxist. Since the US is not a Marxist nation and was NEVER CREATED TO BE ONE, since individual rights is the main theme of our laws, NOT THE COMMUNE OR THE GROUP THINK, anybody trying to infuse Marxism, sharia law or any other destructive system into ours is a threat to our lives..........DO NOT VOTE FOR EVEN THE LOWEST LEVEL OF LEFT WINGER.......ALL THE WAY DOWN TO LOCAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS.

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