• That pedophile P.O.S .

  • King dementia Joe really believes he has the right to convert our kids in the sodomite lifestyle. He is an ungodly fool. We must shut the public school system down. Our tax dollars fund it and will be held accountable for the damage its doing to our children.  

  • The Democrats are destroying our country and the Republicans are fine with that! 

  • joe dementia is nothing but a bobblehead puppet, he doesn't know what day it is most of the time and only says what the puppetmasters tell him to say!!!!!  He doesn't have the mental capacity to tie his shoes!!!!!!!!!!

  •  They are babysitters not their parents. If I find the babysitter is making inappropriate comments to my kids, she is gone. These teachers think they have the upper hand, but they are nothing more than our employees......we pay their salaries, they don't teach what and how we want then they need to move on to a different stocking shelves in the middle of the night when there are no children around!

  • Joseph Biden and the woke left don't belong in America.  If they don't want to go?  Remember the old Russian saying, "TUFFSHITSKY!". Allow them the choice of leaving or immediate execution.

  • If I'm  paying  his salary  . BIDEN YOUR FIRED  .


  • He seems to forget that WE pay their saleries. That makes us own them. Get your ids out of these perverted schools.

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