• It has to be enough retired upper income senior citizen to protest this evil childish administration by holding an event in DC. We need to shut down the government for a few days.  All we need is a leader and the people will show up. 



  • Biden family crime syndicate should be held under RICO.

    • Marlene, should be but won't be because most of the gop is allied with the devildemocommiecrats to destroy our Republic and establish their new world order global dictatorship with them in control of this area of it!!!!!!!!!!


  • When Biden's Mother caught him playing with himself and made him feel ashamed and stopped, he then went on to using $500.00 an hour Hookers and complained about being "Overcharged!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • No biden you are such a slime ridden POS . It's you not Manchin,  you and your minions  will pay a price next year . Let's go  Branden.!

    • Ray, it IS NOT manchin to be sure!!!!!  They hate him for standing with We the People for a change!!!!!  It looks like the elections in Virginia rattled his cage!!!!!!!!!!!


  • the devildemocommiecrats can't get their kickbacks under policies that help We the People!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Manipulative BS. I hope this is exposed!!

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