I'm Joe Biden And I Forgot This Message - Meme - Shut Up And Take ...Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden on Thursday called for America to ease sanctions on Iran, saying the US should offer relief to the Islamic Republic and other nations to help them deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

“In times of global crisis, America should lead. We should be the first to offer help to people who are hurting or in danger. That’s who we are. That’s who we’ve always been,” the former veep said in a statement.

“And, in the midst of this deadly pandemic that respects no borders, the United States should take steps to offer what relief we can to those nations hardest hit by this virus — including Iran — even as we prioritize the health of the American people.”

Iran has been slammed by the pandemic, with at least 44,605 cases, and 2,898 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University, which tracks global numbers.

Biden acknowledged that Iran’s mullahs had failed to effectively manage the crisis, and that Iran and its proxies were still spreading unrest and promoting violence in the region, but asserted the US should help anyway on humanitarian grounds.

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