President Biden and his allies raked in campaign cash from a top Russia lobbyist in 2020, just months before his administration’s decision to scrap sanctions on a controversial firm building a Russian oil pipeline to Germany.

Richard Burt, a managing partner at McLarty Associates and a former U.S. ambassador to Germany during the Reagan administration, ponied up $4,000 for Joe Biden in October 2020 and dropped another $10,000 in the lefty-aligned political action committee Unite The County in March 2020, FEC records show.

In addition to violating Biden’s own campaign pledge not to take lobbyist cash, the money from Burt is particularly noteworthy as he is currently directly engaged in lobbying activities for Nord Stream 2 AG.

"When Richard Burt donated to Biden Victory Fund, he failed to acknowledge that he was a registered foreign agent and was therefore ineligible to contribute," a Democratic National Committee spokesman told The Post. "Because Burt also listed a different employer than on his [Foreign Agents Registration Act] registration, he was not flagged during our vetting process."

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  • This is the Government our founders warned us of and WHY we have a second amendment, We ARE being overthrown and the Democrats STOLE it according to article 2 section 1 clause 2. Thy shredded the constitution to win and not a one of the whole wil stand behind their oath. Now they are destroying us from wihin and IGNORING us. Democrats MUST DESTROY MIDDLE CLASS COMPLETELY this time. Our Government has been usurped and we MUST reclaim it!

    The border "Crisis" is REALLY the enemy within attacking us with force of TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT!!! That's the TRUTH to THEIR LIE!!!!

    Patriots are now Terrorists?..........ONLY to Communist Insurrectionists!!!..............Need more proof than that?

  • 75-80+million American Patriots Just Waiting-!!!

  • We have a FELON in the oval office .He has yet to be indited .The mans MORAL COMPASS stopped working years ago .  I believe that the RICO act was inacted

    because of men like China Joe .

    • the moral of this country is long gone there is no moral anymore we're led to believe the bad is good and the good is bad.

  • Out with him

  • this gets me angry every day joe biden and his cronies are Demon possess people.

  • With 47+ years in Politics- Joe feel's that He should have those LITTLE $WAMP PERK$-!!! Joe does NOT Care About This Nation By His Actions(it tells of the Heart)-!!! They HATE TRUMP, because He EXPOSED THE SWAMP-!!!

    • Biden is a traitor.  There should be some way the people can bring charges against him and remove him (and Commie Harris and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer) from office.  The Congress certainly won't do anything about it!


  • Outright selling of America for his own profit. Impeachment please.

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