• Marlene, Remember that no one can take anything away from you unless you are willing to give it up. The only question is, "At what point does One become willing?" Imagine the very worst that can be done to you and yours and ask the question, "Can I, or Can I not live with with this?" If indeed we are on the brink of another Civil War, these are the questions we all will be asking ourselves, including the members of the Police, Military and Governments Agencies and Politics. We contributors of the Second Establishment of the Tea Party often use humor against the cancerous movements against our freedoms. Unlike the First Tea Party Movement, this group has instead chosen to associate itself in a Political Party Alliance and an Established Conservative Movement. In my opinion it has handicapped us through ignoring the actual concerns of the "Working Citizens" of this Nation. This is evident in lack of numbers, banners, posters, stickers, and MEDIA comments. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • It's fun to watch him heckled and spit on.   However, he's doing us a lot of damage and we're just throwing spitballs.

    Tens of thousand of more3rd worlders headed for Our Border and the enemy within is getrting ready to ditch all the border patrol.   If they get the  vaccine?????   Who know when.   And  if they refuse, it's within a month.

    He's taking over our bank accounts.   Just like china.

    He's firing teachers.

    He's firing cops

    He's dishonorably discharging Our Troops and keeping the worst of the lot.  The top ranking  asskissers.

    I remember many people on this site a few short years ago saying they'd never allow it to get to this point and now, it's a different song and dance.

    We know there are tens of thousands of soon to be combatants entering what will be the battlefield for the civil war here.   What would our military do in such a situation?  I can think of a few things and no worry about Our INCOMPETENT FBI or CIA, or the top  military officers.   They spend all their time on woke crap.   

    Let's just let our imaginations run wild here for a while.   Lots of miles of really rural area for things to disappear,


  • Smart people

  • Thanks Laurel, Though His grave would resemble a City's Ghetto Area between the Graffiti and Complete Lack of Growing Things around it.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Mr.DeSpain, Hats off to your comments. There’s always his grave to  have at it.

  • Booing is too good for this con man and thief.  He has been ripping off America for over forty years. He should be in jail or in a mental institution.   Hopefully, his entire crime family can be dismantled.

  • give him 10 vaccine doses, through him in the brig and expose him to all the varriants we can find!

  • China did biological warfare against The United States of America with the Wuhan Virus ... they are our enemy.

    Biden and Milley ... over the top for me. They are traitors ... guilty of TREASON against the United States of America! TREASON = giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Try them both for TREASON and if convicted  ... firing squad.

    Antifa and BLM ... reminicent of Hitlers Brown Shirts. Same penalty for them ... firing squad.

    Nice guys finish last ... let's not lose the United States of America.

  • SPIT ON HIM!!!!

  • joe biden is a demon possess a long whith his cronies.

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