• joe dementia is so full of shiite it is no wonder he doesn't know what day it is!!!!!  He is just a bobblehead puppet dancing to the string pullers!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don't see how he can. He hasn't an active brain cell left.....and hasn't for decades.

  • This is the stupidest president of time who in the hell is sitting on the Oval Office nobody just an idiot.

  • Biden is just a dumbass, jerk, uneducated, lifetime political hack, never had a job outside of being a crooked politican.  You can bet your life that Dole NEVER asked this idoit to speak on his funeral.  

  • Biden followers and such have never been able to distinguish between Truth and Faith which Historically has been the trait of people in failed Civilizations and Religions.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I certainly looks to me like no de"mock"rat politician can take any responsbility for anything.  I supposed Kommie Harris' idea of having USA companies start plants in the Central American triangle will be blamed on Trump also!  {}  I would like to believe their supporters are catching on, but little of what they do are publicized.  And when I try to talk to my relatives, they say they never heard of it so it must not be true. 

    Vice President Kamala VP Harris announces $1.2B in private investments in Central America | X 98.5…
    On Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris announced $1.2 billion in investments from private companies to address the root causes of immigration from C…
  • One thing  good  is this is showing  the stuped  people who help stick this mentality  unstable  fool and his minions  in our once free  country   leadership  .Thay all are sick in the head  with hatred towards our true President. 


  • Of course Creepy, Sleepy, Slimy, Sloppy Joe would blame the fake Qanon and President Donald John Trump (PDJT). He has to do all he can to avoid the real causes of my beloved country's problems. Causes such as his nearly 50 years of government ineptitude and stupidity. His corruption and selling out my country to enemies like China. Lastly him not only "winning" the top job but surounding himself with a bunch of incompetents who couldn't run a fruit stand. Brandon isn't man enough to admit what he's doing is wrong and just like all arrogant leftist democrats to our dismay he'll judt double down on stupid. 

    • joe dementia doesn't have a working brain cell, he was putb there to be a puppet!!!!!



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