• So... one of the FIRST actions by the WHITE guy is to fire the BLACK guy???  Bad optics, Joe!  And STUPID!

    • Laura, you can bet the Pravda/Goebbels propagandists will applaud the illegal occupant of the oval office and find some lie to tell about Adm. Adams because he was hired by a true president, President Donald Trump!!!!! He probably "isn't  black enough" since President Trump thought enough of him to place him there!!!!!  And mr dementia is an empty suit doing what he is told to do by his handlers, satan and soros!!!!!

  • Bravo Zulu, Admiral. Thank you for your dedicated service, I'm sure the nation is better for it.

  •  Not surprised. One of the more stupid things Biden has done. Simply reversing every single thing Trump has done is childish. To reverse everything to spite the last president shows zero intelligence. But then again. We're talking about DC. Where nothing makes Sense 

    • The hatred of President Trump is on top of brain dead idiots like dementia joe, the usurper!!!!!

  • I guess he must have been a good person if he got fired by this illegal administration,

    • Edie, I believe you are correct on both points, good person and illegal regime!!!!!

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