• And they called President Trump and his supporters racist, wake up people stop listening to all the lies they said. I still call Trump my President because he won the election and no media can prove me wrong.

    • Go figure!


  • Anybody who believes that the Democrat party believes in diversity and uplifting blacks (or any people for that matter) hasn't been listening to the inflamatory rhetoric they and their allies the MSM spew out day after day.  I wish the minorities in this country would wake up and realize the Democrats rhetoric is merely that - rhetoric with no good will behind it.  They make all sorts of promises that sound good, but they have never ever done anything to uplift people.

    • I am telling you right now it will never happen unless Jesus Christ is coming back.

  • So,we're just going to submit to this tyranny by pretending it isn't happenung to us? That didn't workout to well for the Jewx with the Nazi's,did it,  I see history repeating. What ever happenned to "Better dead than Red"?

    • Phil, I am not pretending and will continue to speak out against this illegal usurpation!!!!!  They will likely send their assassins for me pretty soon!!!!!

    • No one mentioned the troops turnimg their backs on the Communist Installed Gov.?  An Anwar Sedat style welcoming for ALL of the USURPERS would have been more than appropriate. I DO hope our miltary honors it's duty to protect us from an illegitimately installed,unconstitutional JUNTA!


  • Mr. Adams served honorably. He knows too much. Where Trump went wrong was to keep anybody from the previous administration. Biden is going to go in and fire every one that had anything to do with Trump. That is what President Trump should have done day one. Monday morning quarterbacking, however, is useless. If there is ever another conservative president, It will be a miracle!

    • Mary, you are right. Trump should have fired all obummer people on day one. Instead, he kept the deep state swamp employed in government. That was his one mistake. Well, and sleepy joe also told us that Trump left him a generous letter. Does that mean Trump sold out to the deep state and succumbs to the far left tyranny?

  • Kum Be Yah 

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