President Joe Biden’s Federal Trade Commission has begun to look into the too-oft broken McDonald’s ice cream machines, which have angered consumers and franchise owners for years.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has carried out an inquiry into the Mcdonald’s broken ice cream machines. The inquiry seeks to discover if Taylor Commercial Foodservice LLC, the manufacturer of the machines, has engaged in practices that hinder McDonald’s owners’ abilities to fix machines themselves or seek repairs from a third party.

The Wall Street Journal and Dailywire have reported that the ice cream machines require a great deal of maintenance, which includes an “automated heat-cleaning cycle that can last up to four hours to destroy bacteria” on a nightly basis. According to owners, in the instance that a cleaning cycle fails, the machine requires maintenance from a repair technician before the franchise can again serve ice cream.

As it stands, the machines must be repaired by Taylor Commercial Foodservice LLC or a third-party repair company that has been authorized by Taylor Commercial Foodservice. As the company’s warning display system is complex, a manual is required to decipher the codes relayed by a faulty machine. Another company, Kytch Inc., developed a more user-friendly and accessible warning system for the Taylor machines, but Kytch Inc. has received a significant amount of pushback from Taylor.

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  • Kin Jong Joe thinks we're stupid.

  • The voting machines delivered just fine for the half brained fool, but not having ice cream on demand is devastating.
    Everything has to be handled in the order of importance......Ice cream first, we must have ice cream!

  • Joe should have an ice cream machine shoved up his old retarded ass!!!

  • Just a small problem for extremely small brains

  • OMG - talk about misplaced priorities.  Just another waste of money!  Which is something the demockrats are very good at.

  • But Doninion voting machines? Nope, we can't investigate those .....

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