A Florida lawmaker is ripping the Biden administration for ending a 30-year tradition by puling a permit that would allow a massive motorcycle Memorial Day parade down Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C.

The gathering, which draws tens of thousands of motorcyclists from across the country each year, stages in a Pentagon parking lot, but the Biden administration has rescinded its annual permit.

“Memorial Day traditions like Rolling to Remember have been granted permits by every administration, Democrat and Republican, for the past 30 years,” said Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL). “The Biden Administration’s decision to end this Memorial Day tradition flies in the face of the freedoms that so many have died to protect,” Rep. Mast told Fox News.

“We are blessed beyond words to be citizens of the greatest country on Earth and only live free thanks to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. But sadly right now, in Joe Biden’s America, it is easier to cross the border illegally than it is to get a permit to pay our respects to our nation’s fallen heroes,” Mast said.

The Pentagon blamed COVID-19 for the decision.

A special events section of the Pentagon had approved AMVETS’ permit for Rolling to Remember on March 11 but then revoked it. Last month, Mast — a 12-year Army veteran who worked as a bomb disposal expert and lost both his legs while deployed in Afghanistan — wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin urging him to “promptly approve” the permit in April.

In his letter, Mast said the Pentagon approved the permit “only to revoke that approval a week later, citing a ‘routing error’ and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The event is being put at risk by the refusal of the Pentagon to approve the permit in a timely manner.”

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  • Forget the permit.  Just do it.  Stop traffic and cause a ruckus, it is our right.  

  • I am a Vietnam Vet, and all the Communist Democrats can kiss my backside!!!! 

  • Vets stand your ground  do it with out there permission , #### the communest  !

  • This idiots used COVID-19 for anything they want to destroy do they also blame COVID-19 for all the burning, destroying and killing BLM and Antifa had committed 

  • This country belongs to freedom loving Americans. Rolling Thunder represents freedom that’s why the socialist democrats want to stop them. The Democrats would not have an issue if it was Antifa or BLM.  I hope Rolling Thunder roll anyway. God Bless The Rolling Thunder.

  • Everything the so called democrats do now is directed toward power, control. This act is no different. There is only one way they will ever be stopped completely whether we want to admit it or not and that is with force. No law or talk will ever convince them their power grab will not work and get them to stop the effort. They have gotten away with to much to this date. Interpret that any way you want but it is fact. Perhaps at one time the democrats loved this country like the conservatives do but not now. Now it is power they love to hell with the country.

  • CHINA JOE BIDEN  the un-indited FELON  that is pretending to be president . The man is nothing more then 

    a TOOL of the far left traitiors that are attwmpting to destroy the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights . 

  • How many permits do Burn Loot Murder and ANTIFA get? I would do a peaceful rally with a million bikes, tell Obiden to rub salt up his @$$.

  • They should ride anyways!!!

  • Fear is what seems to be guiding all of their decisions

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