• The Plan works. The Plan must be stopped in any manner necessary.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Those agencies are part of the totalitarian takeover of the nation by globalist minions of satan!!!!!!!!!!

  • It is impossible to keep a secret if more that one person knows.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • If nobody knew, who has been punished, or fired?  Somebody is being paid to know right?  I'd imagine a lot of people are being paid to know.  A lot of people need to be disciplined and maybe someone even needs to be dismissed, right?

  • Bone-headed leaders!!   They want a terrorist attack so they can implement more government restrictions on us.   They need to be removed from office.... Hopefully, the next election will be such an overwhelming landslide; that any attempts to ":fix" elections won't work.... That is our only hope.   Otherwise, the country is lost!!

    • Steve, they ARE NOT leaders nor are they "bone heads"!!!!!  They are doing this on purpose to push their satanic agenda of tyranny against We the People!!!!!!!!!!

  • Biden's America is to protect terrorist and lock up American citizens such as the Jan6 political prisoners.

    • Why else would he have stolen the election?

    • Exactly!  Just carrying on barry's agenda to destroy this Country and it's citizens.

    • Onlinedoc, you are 100% correct!!!!!!!!!!


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