• We need to figure out what we American citizens can do about it. We have to figure out a way we can put our heads together and come up with a plan to fight this garbage.

    Complaining does not work. We need someone with experience to guide us. Not talking about violence just ways to beat these scum bags.

    • Shirley, what do you suggest that we do?, because most of the Republicans don't want to seem to do anything about it expect talk like on here.

    • Unfortunally violence is the only avenue that these libscums actually understand. You can't reason,talk,ask,plead,beg,or even tell them to stop. I dealt with a lot of libs in my life time and the only thing that they respond to is knocking them on their ass.

  • All this is devastating we need to pray for America, only God himself can resolve this

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      Yup! I've been praying for more ammo! 10759574298?profile=RESIZE_180x180

  • We are watching a full blown Government Coup! 

  • The failure of Pres. Trump to TAKE OUT THE DEEP STATE while in office is driving these events... (The January 6th insurrection BS, 2 Impeachment attempts, and the constant din of federal and state investigations aimed at criminal prosecution, etc.)

    Pres. Trump should have declare martial law over the 2020 fraudulent election… His failure to do so may prove deadly for him and the Nation.  The Marxists are not above assassination... an air craft accident, a mysterious heart attack... anything to provide a plausible deniability and point to accidental death. 

    The Left and its allies in the swamp and Marxist movements understand… if Pres. Trump has a second term, the criminal elements in government and the Marxist movement will all be dressed in orange, and viewing the world from a suite in GITMO, before the end of the first year in Pres. Trump’s second term.

    • I totally agree with you. President Donald J. Trump missed this important step. He should have assumed total authority over all levels of power and over the entire country. This is the only way to save our Republic, our way of life, our freedom and liberties. Now the deep state is coming after him just like they do in a third world country. Instead, it's payback time for making America great again, for keeping his promises, for working selflessly on behalf of the American people, for basically being the best and only honest president in a looooooong time.

    • Biteme is assuming total control over the American people by using his government agencies, and using our own fear against us.

    • Well said Paul...

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