• At this point, if I were President Trump (and I am not) I would either stay off the golf course, or wear more then a kevlar vest.

  • It seems Donald Trump really has no choice other than to re-enter the lions den.

    I suspect the Democrat loons will never rest or believe Trump is neutralized as a threat, as long as he lives and breathes.

    In reality, it is not Trump they fear, it is the People he is eager to serve instead of just himself.

    • It would have been much easier had Pres. Trump called for Martial Law immidiately… after the fraudulent 2020 election.  He was advised that failure to defend our vote would result in the crisis he and the nation now face.

      However, he chose to rely on the GOP/RNC… and our daunted members of Congress to act responsibly... The result January 6th… What a joke!  When in the last 50 years has Congress acted responsibly?

      Today, Pres. Trump faces another critical decision to defend his own liberty… Frankly, his life may be forfeit if he fails make the correct decision. Poor decisions at critical moments in history have always proven to be desasterous… The Republic is suffering from the consequences the decision to leave the defense of our vote to Congress and look at the result: a fraudulent Marxist government now runs the Nation and is threatening his personal liberty and life.

  • Trump should announce he is running for president and his life is in danger from those who fear for the truth to come out but America and her freedom from the government must survive 


    Yes, Trump and his family are in danger! The news is already saying it....... Antifa, BLM must have a wacko in their ranks they can program and point in the Trump direction. 

    Not if, but how and when!  ...what will America do when the Dems..........

  • Someone has tried to kill President Trump after he was out of office already.  So, yeah.  The GESTAPO FBI will try again, and again. 

  • Biden + Hitler = Evil, We the People must stop evil once again the childrens of Santan will not succeed 

    • ADMIN

      Biden = Evil

  • Even if President Trump doesn’t run for president and even if this latest stunt doesn’t produce anything to prevent him running,or if they create a criminal charge from thin air, the demoncraps will not stop. He is a target just as so many who have met the Clinton Cure have been.

  • Assassinsation of a Presidential candidate would tear this country apart at the seams. Anarchy would boil over into American Revolution #2. Patriotic Americans would not be using Brown Bess Muskets but repeating rifles and handguns. Politicians would be hightailing it to Canada for a ceasefire is issued. 

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