• If the faux commission rejects his evidence, then he needs to take it to the GOP - - I believe they have their own "investigation" going on (??).  Hope everyone, here, had a peaceful, blessed and plentiful Thanksgiving, with family and loved ones.  Let us all pray for a better outcome and year to come; after we hit bottom, the only way to go is UP!!

  • Where's Pelosi's laptop? That would explain what, when, where and how...

  • Hope Bernie is RIGHT!!! Democrats are DESTROYING US! Most Happy of Thanksgiving Days Tea Party. Sorry I am a day late.

  • The "Countdown" continues to the Spring Primaries and November Elections. Whatever damage these Progressive Socialist Politicians may slip through the cracks until then can and will be immediately reversed.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • With the corrupt Dems in charge nothing will ever be done to right this wrong

  • Why would the "select Jan 6 committeee" even care?

  • Way to go Bernie and God Blees you going froward...

  • I hope this really backfires on the Committee.

    • not while the left is in charge!

  • Do these reprobates know how to do anything else other tham lie, slander and do everytjong they can to hurt AMERICA?

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