• I think I know how they are investigating these investigators. Instead of threatening, coercing & terrorizing their subjects w/ everything possible to get them to flip (like they did) on each other they are tiptoeing around the sensitive crimes & criminals they don't want to pursue and are just focusing on a few patsies that they will use as civic fodder. Did you see how they trotted out that low-level FBI lawyer when the Horowitz Report came out? Testing the waters they were, "they" calculate everything, and everyone. have you noticed how methodically slow and calculated we get the news/updates pertaining to any one of their many misdeeds? Inquiries take weeks to start, hearings are set months out and documents are lost or never released. They want to spoonfeed us all of this incriminating info as painlessly as possible so as to create as "little uprising" as possible, like too much incriminating or overwhelming news would cause the populous to rise up and create them more discomfort than they are already experiencing.

  • So many Crimes!, Just pull one thread and they all would be exposed. I'ts funny how they will spend millions of dollars to investigate the vaguest of accusations but won't spend two cents and five minutes to investigate the obvious crimes of the Obama Era! 

    • Hey! Peter isn't that something?

  • Yes, and a whole lot more will be comming to the surface.  I can't remember them all.  So much for the O legacy!!!!!!

    • Yes, there is a lot more to it than that you are right

  • I am glad that Benghazi situation is back now since Obama and Hillary is out of the spot light now we are to see what's really happened and hopefully just the story itself will proof that Obama and Hillary will end up in jail for what they did and let 4 American die in Benghazi.

  • In my prayers, over the past 8 years, I have asked for justice for the 4 Americans lost at Benghazi; I still pray the perps will be arrested, charged and made to pay for those assassinations and this HAS TO include the lyingbitchofBenghaz, as well as her boss and their able assistantsi!!

    • With Wray in charge of the FBI nothing is going to happen to these people, they are above the law.

    • let's hope justice will prevail on behalf of the 4 people that die in Benghazi.

  • Can you tie in Harry Reids bruised face to the licensed arms dealer in Las Vegas?

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