• Our representatives are owned by satanic entities therefore we the people are unvoluntarily owned. Our reps do not represent us but pile all the debt they vote on every day on our shoulders. it saddens me a lot to see our reps aiding and abetting these entities without realizing they are disposable as well. We the people are in a unsought very difficult situation. Luckly more and more americans are waking up and arming themselves. We have no options but to defend ourselves to the best of our abilities and strength, when the time comes up.

    • Ahh - may I remind you - we elected them.  We are as much at fault as they are.  It is our responsibility to look into their character and past actions before we vote for them.  And if anyone thinks failing to vote is the answer - No it is not.  We have to accept our respondibility.  Not everyone is acting irresponsibily and we need to support those who are acting with the best interest of our country at heart. 

    • I have always heard, :"People get the government they deserve."  What a horrible thought!  True, but horrible.  Where's Billy Graham when we need him?


    • Well, well Glenn the Question should be where is God in all of this?

  • Well, how about if WE are flying them directly into our country with blank passports right from Kabul?? In one flight of 1200 people we flew directly to the U.S., 236 were Americans, the rest were Afghans that we have no records on. 

  •  Done deliberately to destroy this country!  If we want a change, we have to do it ourselves.  Any volunteers to organize and lead the charge?

  • Liberal dems have screwed OUR country up so bad, we may never recover. We need our TRUE President back in office...President Donald J. Trump!!!!

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