• They're already herer. You mean MORE terrorists will be crossing our border courtesy of the Leftist ENEMY WITHIN!!!!


  • Regardless of what you think they are coming to kill us. Finally, the truth is the majority coming across the border are 13 ------ 45-year-old men the majority are not Hispanic. Take a look at the videos it says it all. You have an army invading our country. This isn`t a spike in business as usual? We left enough gear to start a war in Afghanistan. This isn`t business as usual either.

  • They have been coming across for 20's just worse this year. Watch Dennis Michael Lynch's movies , "They Come to America"

  • "ARE COMING" needs to be changed to "ARE HERE"-!!! OPEN BORDERS KILL-!!!


  • All I can say is this rather we like it or not the Devil is running this nation's point and simple that's it.

  • it's already here it just takes time for them to organize what are they going to do in the United State of America since we have a terrorist in the office.

  • Time for American to protect yourself don't expect help from the government. Come Election Day we must remove all those socialist and those who support the fake president 

    • the question is are we going to have an election next year?

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