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  • Biden is suffering from dementia if he thinks he is President-Elect... the Nov 3rd election was for assigning State Electors.   The Presidential Elections by the Electoral College occur December 14th, which is the Constitutional day we elect a President.  Until Biden receives 270 certified and unchallenged Electoral Votes he is not President.  

    America has only one President at a time... Biden needs to read the Constitution and pay attention to the way the Electoral College has its electors certified... the US Senate can and has challenged the seating of Electors before and they can do it now... throwing out those they deem elected fraudulently.   

    The Electoral Count Act, or the Electoral Count Act of 1887, Pub.L. 49–90, 24 Stat. 373 is a United States federal law establishing procedures for the counting of electoral votes by Congress  Challenges by the Congress may disqualify certain Electors from voting based on the Congress's seating/certifying of their legal right to be seated.  Electors appearing under FRAUDULENT conditions or contested in the courts may be denied a vote until the matter is cleared by the Courts.

    Act of Congress
    An Act of Congress is a statute enacted by Congress. Acts can affect only individual entities (called private laws), or the general public (public la…
  • In your dreams, you disgusting, lying sleaze bag.

  • The rich own the demonrats. That's why demonrats work only on behalf of the rich and not on behalf of real Americans like the Republican Party and especially Trump do. Demonrats owe the rich and funnel back money to them at the expense of we the people. It's disgusting. 

  • Biden I will donate 100lb of shit.

    • That all I have several tons for the asshole. PIGSHIT that is.

  • First, you are not the official and legal Pres. Elect until all contested election results are settled and 270 or more Electors are certified as legitimate votes in your favor... 

    Next, you are not authorized to act in the interest of the United States on any matters under the Logan Act and other Federal Laws limiting outside citizens' interference with government agents and agencies.  

    Finally, you may want to keep all your money for a defense fund if the election fraud is proven and sustained... you may need it.

    • Col. Ron ... you and I are precisely on the same page on this one. Btw, beyond what you said, Biden is a private citizen now ... no immunity.

      Forget the courts  ... I'd like Lindsey Graham (head of the Senate's Judiciary Committee) ... to subpoena Biden and Giuliani to appear before the Senate simultaneously. To ask them both about their knowledge of Dominion's software/hardware ... why are their systems domiciled in Germany and Spain and what role does Maduro (Venezuela) have in this mess. If Biden says "I don't know anything about them", save that answer. If Biden rises to the presidency, and the Giuliani/Powell team later show that he perjured himself, he can be charged with sedition or perhaps treason (not sure which) and perjury. And if Dominion is shown as the falsifying our election, then Biden could be charged with being an accessory before the fact. Certainly, impeachment would easily apply.

      Got this off the web: Thursday a team of Trump campaign lawyers claimed nationwide vote fraud is resulting from what they characterized as a conspiracy among Democrats, a voting machine company, Dominion, (headquartered in Toronto, Canada), Venezuelan socialist leaders, Cuban and Chinese communists, antifa, and philanthropist George Soros.

      BeijingBiden Begs for money because, well.. It's Trumps Fault..
      why you asking me — Anarchist Jurisdiction CEO (@koush) November 20, 2020 $14 billion was spent on the 2020 election. T…
  • Drop dead,Xi's puppet.

  • Biden and Harris, I will personally donate a 100 lb. bag of course sand and a dead blow hammer that you can use to pound that sand up your culo .....

  • Why doesn't he call the commie bank of George Soros. I'm sure he's got some spare change.

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