Be prepared folks!

The more deeply Democrats realize they can’t win this election, the more likely they are to launch “nuclear option” false flag attacks and terrorism events to try to plunge the nation into chaos.                                                                              

We are now told that because polls are strongly turning against the Democrats over the last few days — with Joe Biden plunging while Trump is rising among unexpected groups such as Latinos — the Democrat puppetmasters are leaning toward their nuclear option.

This option is a “Zero Day” attack on America’s infrastructure. This attack is likely to include:                  

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    • yup!  Ask the Myers of Schellsburg and their hundreds of friends!  Or, ask the BLM!

  • They control about 10% of the area of the US, the krappy cities that productive members of society are abandoning. I'm going to watch them destroy their areas if i happen to be by a tv otherwise it's a yawner. They perform for the cameras at the behest of politicians that want to make money off of other countries and that makes them... wait for it.... drumroll...... more drumroll.... useful idiots!

  • Warning the Body -

    • very interesting


  • I will be prepared because this election we have a cheater who is running for the presidency just like 4 years ago Hillary Clinton stole money from my  home town, muderer, along with Obama.

  • I am old and disabled but have the training and battle experience to fight the communist useful idiots.  They can get away with their crap in devildemocommiecrat areas but that is the only place.  We the People will show them how to win a war.  They, like all cowards, attack the defenseless.  I am old and cripplede but not defenseless!!!!!  And Almighty God is on my side!!!!!

    • May I say AMEN?

  • The large majority of Americans support Trump no matter what. They can see that he ended the chaos, riots, and budget deficits we suffered under obummer. America is great again and we can be proud of our country again. Trump will win with a huge landslide and he will take the House back. Penilosi will be gone and Trump can keep America great. 

    • Phil, we are going to see fraud at an unprecedented level because the devildemocommiecrats know they will be buried in an avalanche of conservative votes if they don't use fraud.

  • Jane,

    You are so correct that our beloved Counry is headed for a second Civil War but it took us almost 150 years to get there again.  The solution is full on Martial Law after the election as we did it once and we sure as hell can do it again.  The Marxist only understand power and execution so we just do it again!!! Are ready again???

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