Be prepared folks!

The more deeply Democrats realize they can’t win this election, the more likely they are to launch “nuclear option” false flag attacks and terrorism events to try to plunge the nation into chaos.                                                                              

We are now told that because polls are strongly turning against the Democrats over the last few days — with Joe Biden plunging while Trump is rising among unexpected groups such as Latinos — the Democrat puppetmasters are leaning toward their nuclear option.

This option is a “Zero Day” attack on America’s infrastructure. This attack is likely to include:                  

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  • When you think about it being a good president is a lonely job. You never know who you can trust. People will turn on you at the drop of a hat.The good president is constantly under the microscope in everything he says and does, even if it's an innocent gesture. On the other hand the rat president doesn't worry because he manages to justify every punch in the gut he delivers. It seems he and his people can get away with everything and never have to face the consequences for their actions. It's hard to stand by helpless and watch all the destruction take place and not be able to do anything to stop it. Even worse is having to watch it and realize nobody is coming to stop it. I used to feel secure, unafraid in this land of the free, the Shangrila we called America. Because I felt comfortable and safe that our leaders were protecting us. But some are good, some mediocre, and then some are just plain bad. We now have a good one that has reinstilled that feeling of security again for me. I hope it doesn't have to end too soon.

  • Be prepared... the Boy Scout motto... what a wonderful group of patriots... This fine organization was destroyed by a corrupt Court and political correctness.   Let's hope that it is resurrected and becomes an even greater resource for the training youngmen for service as Godly men and Fathers of patriots.  Wouldn't it be nice if men like President Trump financed and engineered the recovery of the Boy Scouts of America... once, the cornerstone of our male youths training for patriotic service.  Maybe someone will drop a bug in the ear of the President and he and a few of his Billionaire friends can endow the resurrection of this organization... America certainly could use this organization to assist families in training up male children for service to others.

    • See, those words must be from Ronald A. Nelson.  Bravo!

  • The President needed to deploy the US Military to defend our key infrastructure (electric and communications grid and Transport hubs)... from domestic terrorist attacks as a precaution in advance of the election.

  • Look for disruptions of the polls in key states... on election day.  The Democrats like Marxist everwhere attack polling places ... destroy unfavorable ballots and drop millions of phony ballots on their way out... effectively stuffing ballot boxes under the cover of terrorist raids.

    Look for voter intimidation in key battlegrounds with Marxist Thugs intimidating those voting in traditional heavy GOP areas... look for physical disruption of polls, the destruction of ballots and voting machines... etc. 

    • Ron, I am back on.  BTW, concernng the health care post I created back in 2014, it has been delivered to the hands of PA US Republican Representative John Joyce, Rep. Jim Jordan, Eric Trump, and POTUS Donald Trump.  I requested Dee for the Tea Party's support, but have received no response.  I beieve that what you write, good friend, may very well be correct, but only in the polling sites in the suburbs of Philly and Pittsburgh.  If it does occur in other areas, it will be the result of unpreparedness in the rural areas.  The BLM discovered in an abrupt and physical manner what happens if we are prepared (Bedford County, PA).  Many carry continually.  I would suggest that the thugs would be ill-advised to try some stupidity.  I believe you know Bedfotd and erhaps well and know what I write is true.  I call voters across PA (36,000) and door knock in Vedford County.  No one seems concerned about poll-safety.  Some say this as they pat themselves in a particular place.  

    • this kind of things are baby and we as an American need to grow up.


  • We've got the Presidency.  We need the House.

    • We need it all!  We all need to vote for all Republicans!c

      Let's Roll!

    • I am in


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