• systemic racism is a LIE and they know it!!!!!  The only racists are the devildemocommiecrats, their Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists, the hollywierd elitists, and the marxist anarchists of blm and antifa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon Tatum defined the real problem between cops and blacks, and racism in general, more clearly in fewer words than any other person I have ever heard.

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    This coming from an honest God-fearing Black man is enlightening to say the least. I stand beside him anytime. It does shed light on the one-sided Democratic Media and Black people's jumps to conclusions. If people would only try to gain truth in everything it would be a better world for all of us

    • libtards ignore truth and facts because truth and facts destroy their satanic narrative!!!!!!!!!!


  • America is NOT a raciest country , The FACTS support that TRUTH . t

  • Good man

  • Brandon Tatum is right; Making up lies for political gain is just one of the Democrat's unscrupulous strategies. Remember when former Democrat Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reed was asked about having lied about 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney not having paid taxes, and his response was, "We won". Translation: The means justify the end, regardless of how unscrupulous. Remember when 2008 Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, to improve her chance to defeat Barack Obama; made up a whopper about having been shot at by snipers while visiting US troops in Bosnia during her husband; s presidential tenure. Remember President Obama having lied, telling citizens if they liked their doctor and health insurance plans, they could keep them notwithstanding mandates of the Affordable Care Act. Remember his November 14, 2013 desperate, pathetic, and ludicrous whopper to coverup that lie, i.e., "What we said was, you can keep it if it hasn't changed since the law passed". No such nonsensical language was in neither of the 36 videos of him making the promise. During PolitiFact’s online polling, it was voted “The 2013 Lie of the Year”. Remember, Democrat Congressman, Adam Schiff's lie about having had evidence of President Donald Trump's collusion with Russians, that was debunked by Robert Mueller's fully Democrat-staffed Russian Collusion Investigation Team. Remember, United Nations Ambassador, Democrat Susan Rice's lie, saying that five high ranked terrorists were being released from prison, in exchange for one low-ranked Sergeant named Bowe Bergdah, because he had served with distinction. When, he was a Deserter at the time she was saying it!!!! And remember her lie about the September 11, 2011 terrorist attack at the American Consulate Compound in Benghazi Lybia that left Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans dead; when she went on five primetime Sunday TV shows to say attack was a spontaneous response to a recent YouTube video disrespectful to Islamic Prophet, Muhammad. Her use of the word "spontaneous" was deceptively used to mitigate the compound's unpreparedness and was tantamount to blaming the terrorists for not giving advance warning of the attack. The Democrats epitome the adage; "Birds of A Feather, Flock Together".

    • yes, and those feathers will get singed when they are thrown into the Lake of Fire after they face the Great White Throne Judgment.  Almighty God won't believe their LIES nor be intimidated when they call Him "racist"!!!!!!!!! The libtards will then realize that they ARE NOT "gods" themselves but are chaff to be burned up!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow!  Brandon Tatum is a great spokesman of the truth about racism in the US.  I hope we hear more from him.  

  • This guy is spot on.  An American hero speaking tbe truth!

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