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  • "True justice requires that we come to terms with the fact that Black Americans are treated differently everyday."

    This, folks, is pure dee racism at its worst.  And yet he (Obama) is lecturing us on racism?  Rather like Pol Pot giving a speech on human kindness.

    What an ignorant phony.

  • Obama is a racist idiot and always will be! And he and his partner Hillary are communist traitor’s, liar’s, and crooks.

    • they need to be in jail period.


  • At NY a while police officer was shot and killed by a black man,their were no riiots, burning or destroying private property. The media didn't cover much of the crime no politician said anything.Tell me who are the real racist starting with Obama 

  • Our first deceiptive African president is still a puppet, but much richer, still a vile racist divider.

    • isn't that something? and Obama is a mix man he is not purely African.


    • Yes, but he is purely evil ; a man totolly with conscience, morals or ethics.


  • Obama deserves to go go to jail because he is still attacking the foundational system of America who in the hell he is to tell the people that? it's the black community's fault for having those kinds of things happened to them.

  • There's no way that America is racist. It's all a planned event for the communist to divide and conquer. Wake up people. Obama is the Antichrist. He hates our country and wants to destroy it 

  • He urban Terrorist Obama - they wouldn't be if they tried obeying the law for a change.  Of course that was something you never did; so I guess we can't expect the people you champion to obey the law either.

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