• They did it so there's no doubt they know it was stolen. National Guard in D.C. is to keep the tax cattle in line while they finish transforming our country into part of the collective new order. Hopefully we will still be able to resist before they rid our once great country of us.

    • Think that was over the top? Think that won't happen to you? If you can, come back in a month or two and tell me about it.

  • The 2020 election was rigged by the dems and stolen.  We know what you did, Biden stated what you did!!!!!  The commie's don't want YOU TO TALK ABOUT WHAT AND HOW THEY RIGGED THE ELECTION!!!!!    Here is Beijing Biden's statement:  “We put together the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in history." Joe Biden 2020

    • Oh my God President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden finally told the truth!!!!!!!!!!!

  • All one hss to do is watch Mike Lindell's Absolute Proof to know the 2020 election was indeed rigged and stolen with the help of FOREIGN COUNTRIES SUCH AS CHINA , RUSSIA , GERMANY AND OTHERS . Tne 2020 election MUST BE OVERTURNED and the rightfull winner President Donald J. Trump back in the Oval Office for another FOUR YEARS ! 



  • The Election WAS STOLEN... and it is so obvious that those claiming otherwise are openly aiding and abetting Election Fraud and need to be charged and prosecuted...

    I wish all those who keep pointing to 2022 elections as our hope for reform would stop it... we will NEVER SEE AN HONEST ELECTION AGAIN If we don't correct the theft of the current election.  The electoral process is no longer the people's franchise for determining who governs.

    • How do you propose to correct this theft?  We all agree that the election was stolen but how to correct it no one knows.  In order to rise up you need leadership and I am not sure that I would trust today's high ranking military officers.  

    • Edie

      Read my many posts on how to combat this COUP legally and peacefully... here is a summary of some of the ways:

      1. Use Anti-Commandeeering tactics to stop the usurpation of State and Individuals rights by the Federal Government.

      2. Use the Lesser Magistrate doctrine (google it if you are unaware of what it is) to peacefully and lawfully challenge and resist Federal Power

      3. Create a Red State Caucus for Local, State, and Federal representatives to consolidate and plan State and Local resistance to federal Executive Orders and the unconstitutional usurpation of State and Individual rights.  Coordinate all resistance to maximize their effects and to allocate funding to achieve the best possible outcome for our dollars and time...

      4.  Get all of the RED State Legislatures to declare the 2020 Election a Fraud and to take action against the State's Secretaries who illegally certified their elections... then appoint a bevy of Special Prosecutors answerable to the Governor or State Legislature to prosecute thousands of individuals for their part in the Fraud... by doing so one automatically proves fraud and the Courts are powerless to throw at cases out for administrative and frivolous motions or findings such as... No Standing or Jurisdiction, etc.

      5. Organize and fund direct opposition to usurped federal power... use the Lech Walesa 'Solidarity Movement' model to peacefully protest government at the local, state, and congressional level. Demanding term limits, the resignation of officials, initiate recalls where lawful, and constantly press for a Constitutional Amendment or Amendments (at the state and federal levels) to limit the terms of all elected public officials... ONE TERM only.

      6. Organize and mount massive protests to peacefully challenge and break up the MSM... Expose them as the propagandist for the Marxist insurgency in America.  Peacefully disrupt and shut down as much of their PROGRAMING as possible... do it consistently... daily.  Submit petitions to the FCC to have the net-works broken up and its affiliates sold to create diverse ownership by parties who have LIMITED control of other media assets... Work to expose and bar all foreign interest of any kind in our Media outlets.. printed or electronic...

      We have not yet begun sincere peaceful resistance... on a grand scale.  The Washington rallies should become routine and persistent... less the violence... use passive-aggressive methods... sit-ins, pickets, peaceful personal challenges to politicians at town halls and other public events. Put public officials in the hot seat everywhere they go... peacefully but forthrightly.

    • Ronald A Nelson Col. USA (Ret) , Thank You For Your Service ! We The People need MORE PATRIOTS LIKE YOU ! YOU ARE CORRECT THE 2020 ELECTION CANNOT STAND ! 

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