• Trump is the President of United States the other person is only a fake president.

    • that's what I am talking about.

  • KICK ASS !!

  • Godless, genderless, clueless, T.D.S. and hypocrite trash!!! Never surrender to these FOOLS!!! Election was STOLEN!!!

  • President Trump's election was stolen. If we can't have free and fair elections, then America is finished.

    • I agree 100%

  • Every American knows that elections and courts cannot be trusted in the banana republic called The United States of America. We are no longer a member of the free world let alone its leader. Who can still be a proud American patriot these days?

    • I am so sick of the country that when the courts refused to even look at the evidence of proof of fraud, I quit flying my national ensign.

    • I feel you. It it is amazing how fast things changed. Trump made America great again in the four years he was in office. We the people were proud of our country again. It seems so long ago.

    • I'm also sick but I'm still a patriot!

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