• I am sure that legally we can through out a lot of democrats in November if the elite doesn't opt to commit election frauds.

  • House has got to be cleaned! Fired resign however you want to go. 

  • A lot has been talked about, but it must come about or we are history and it will not be kind to us.

  • Bannon seems a bit tiffed, no?

  • The Democrats are evil identity point and simple

  • Admin Dee says in the email comment that "elections matter". Unfortunately this is true even if it should only say "fair elections matter". Stolen elections also matter but we the people will take our elections and our country back. After 2020 there will be no more stolen elections.

  • Bannon is correct and that is why this idiots are doing everything to destroy President Trump they know their future when Trump wins just like their father Santan knows his future 

    • isn't that something? Satan knows his future that is the fact and thatis why he is running this nation and the world.

  • Steve Bannon's courage under fire is American inspiration.

    • It's not so easy Marlene, most people are not brave, they'd rather step back and watch hoping for the best,  taking a stand opens the door for attacks, and we are seeing how the left operates, they are relentless, and shameless. 

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